AHCCCS Application Online

The Arizona Health Care Cost policy System (written as AHCCCS and announced ‘access’) is Arizona’s Medicaid program. AHCCCS monitors diminished health plans in the rescue of health care to some ones and categories who determine for health care and other medical assist programs. Anyone or company may take part as an AHCCCS provider if the individual or company is assigned to render a covered service and follows with AHCCCS policies and processes for supplier participation.
The Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) program is for people who are 65 or older, dim, or disabled and involve on-going services at a holding facility level of care. AHCCCS Long Term Care Application online available on official website

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Phoenix, AZ 85034 (Map)
Ph: 602-417-5010
FAX: 602-258-4619
Toll Free: 1-800-528-0142
Customer Service Call: 602-417-7670

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