Ahcccs Fee for Service Rates

This is a justify service offered by AHCCCS Premium appointing that reserves you to deal your bill payments online. It’s easily and simple to set up. With Online Payment Service, you can pay your charge online, found an automatic payment, and consider online payment account via an easy-to-use user port. An AHCCCS member must renew coverage (including Kids Care) at to the bluest degree once a year. You will be proposed when it’s time to renew your insurance coverage. AHCCCS Fee for Service Rates list available on the official website

801 E. Jefferson Street, MD 3800
Phoenix, AZ 85034 (Map)
Ph: 602-417-5010
FAX: 602-258-4619
Toll Free: 1-800-528-0142
Customer Service Call: 602-417-7670

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