AHCCCS Open Enrollment

As a result of recent Congressional action, increased federal funding for the QI-1 program was made available and AHCCCS will open the program effective immediately. All applications that were previously denied will now be processed. Pursuant to Section 1933 of the Social Security Act.

The AHCCCS Administration will institute an enrollment cap for persons who would otherwise be eligible for benefits as “qualifying individuals” or “QI-1s.” Although QI-1s are a mandatory eligibility group, subsection (b)(3) of section 1933 of the Act requires the State to limit the number of QI-1s made eligible for the calendar year so that the amount of assistance provided to such individuals is estimated to equal but not exceed the State’s federal allocation for the QI-1 population. Due to insufficient funding. For more information about AHCCCS Open Enrollment visit official website of AHCCCS.

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    When can I change my Ahcccs healthplan ?