Adelphi University Cost

Admission policy is currently Percent applicants admitted: 68% and Percent of students who return for sophomore year: 82%. Remember that this can change at any time. This school requires an application fee consisting of thirty-five dollars regular application fee, thirty-five dollars out-of-state application fee, thirty-five dollars online application fee and point zero . Transfer student are not ignored. For example, there were two thousand, two hundred and fifty-six total number of transfer students who applied and one thousand, one hundred and forty-eight total number of transfer students who were admitted.

For priority students, financial aid applications are due no later than the 1st of March. SAT and ACT score reports are very important, so you will want to check on the specific dates with the university. Again, Will you make it in time? Make sure to know when all the due dates and deadlines take place. The regular application due date was not reported. It is also very important to submit financial aid applications as quickly as possible, make sure to check with the university about the specific date for this year. the SAT subject section score due date was not reported.

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