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Those who are creatively inclined but tend to shy away from traditional computer programming can try web page designing as a career option.

In this age of Communication and Information Technology, man has always strived for better and effective means of communication. The Internet has evolved to be a one-stop solution, providing faster and accurate information.

The boundaries of Internet have enormously expanded over the last couple of years and so has the demand for sufficiently trained manpower, the supply of which has been well short of expectations. With the advent of the Web, the way business and trade is conducted has changed dramatically over the past few years. The western world was quick to realise this and adapted to e-commerce, which is turning out to be a multi-billion dollar industry. India has been late to catch on with this new concept, but ultimately has done so, resulting in a tremendous demand for manpower in this segment.

With all roads leading to the Web, the other areas in the field of computers, namely Databases, Graphics and Multimedia have taken the lead and are on the way to use Internet as a medium. Internet is increasingly becoming diverse and a good amount of mastery over this medium requires knowledge about Multimedia and Databases too. The buzzword today is Multimedia on the Web.

A prospective student wishing to undergo a course on Internet should give a balanced thought to what he needs to do. A look at all the web sites around the world will surely make you realise that the static and dull text based web pages have been replaced by graphic and animation rich dynamic web pages. A firm grounding in graphics and animation is what is required if one wishes to make a mark in Web Page Designing.

Web Page Designing is ideally suitable for people who are creatively inclined but tend to shy away from traditional computer programming. This area is associated with designing the contents of the page like the text and graphics, the page layout and the way the elements are being organised on the web page. One requires to be proficient in Graphic Software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Web Designing Packages like Microsoft Front Page and the languages like HTML, the Hyper Text Markup Language used for creating web pages ready to be hosted on the Web, Dreamweaver etc. The duration of such a course will ideally be around 100 hours and the students would get opportunities as Graphic Designers, Web Page Interface Designers and HTML programmers.

Once a Web Page is designed, it cant be left as a static page. It needs to be interactive with the users accessing it, and dynamic too – displaying the information based on users interaction. This area is known as Web Development. This is for people who are creative and also have the aptitude for programming.

This area will deal with getting inputs from the users and evoking responses from the web site, validation of the users requests and hosting of web sites. People seeking a career in this niche area should be trained on Web Scripting software like Java Scripting, Visual Basic Scripting and DHTML. These scripting and programming languages are exclusively used for web development purposes and can satisfy the needs of the front end user. CGI (COMMON GATEWAY INTERFACE) scripting is used to work at the web server side for data exchange and validation. The above-mentioned tools help a lot in developing commercial transaction systems used in e-commerce. The opportunities at the end of the course can land the students in plum jobs in areas of Web Page and Web Site Development and Interactive Internet Programming.

An ideal combination of the above mentioned two will be Web Engineering, where one can have the best of both the worlds. Web Engineering, coupled with tremendous dynamism of Multimedia, adds to the sophistication one can visualise in todays web sites. With the projected huge number of IT jobs every year in India alone, and the industry itself growing multifold – with the prima donna being the Internet, people who want to make a career in Web related fields can hope to reap a rich and fulfilling harvest.

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