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Youve heard how many engineers does it take to change a lightbulb? but how many experts does it take to make sense of professional college admissions? A few good ones will do the trick, we hope.

Navigating through the labyrinthine puzzle that is engineering admissions requires expertise, no doubt. And thats exactly what thousands of anxious students on pins-and-needles were looking for at the University of Madras Centenary Auditorium on Friday.

Prof. P.V. Navaneethakrishnan, Academic Dean, Pratyusha Engineering College and education advisor, Jayprakash Gandhi answered their queries.

How does one judge the quality of education at self-financing colleges?


Ask students from the college about the quality of education and find out how ex-students have fared. Also look at the cut-off marks for previous years.

What is aeronautical engineering and how good an option is it in the light of job opportunities?

Jayaprakash Gandhi

While aeronautical engineering may sound very exciting, the truth is that in India only one company makes aircrafts Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Aeronautical engineers can apply their skills in aircraft maintenance but then again, fresh graduates are rarely recruited for this purpose. While the chances of finding relevant employment may be remote, students who are very serious may get lucky.

What are the career prospects for biomedical engineering and what are the cut-off marks required?

J.P. Gandhi

A student should have scored above 245 out of 300 to get into biomedical engineering.

The career prospects are good, but experts advise that students take up specialised courses in some of the better colleges to ensure that the teaching and infrastructure is satisfactory.

What are the job opportunities for students from electronics and communications engineering?

J.P. Gandhi

Most students from ECE, as many as 90 per cent, find jobs in the IT industry. However, there are some specifically electronics and communications companies that also recruit on campuses.

What are the prospects of marine engineering?

J.P. Gandhi

Marine engineering is a good choice for students who want to travel the world. However, it must be distinguished from nautical science. If you want to become captain of a ship you must take up nautical science. If your interests lie in the ships belly with its engine, marine engineering may be the area for you.

Im interested in aerospace engineering at the masters level. Should I take aeronautical engineering now or mechanical engineering?

Navaneethakrishnan and J.P. Gandhi

Indian Institute of Technology-Madras offers a postgraduate course in aerospace engineering. However, the entrance examination for this course is GATE, in which mechanical engineering is a subject. So when it comes to this exam, the aeronautical engineer may be at a disadvantage. It may be advisable to take up mechanical at the bachelors level.

What are the prospects for architecture? Someone told me architects are always at the mercy of civil engineers and that unless your family has a firm, theres no sense in taking it up.

J.P. Gandhi

There are many opportunities for talented architects in government bodies and private firms. Many big companies also hire architects. Those who combine both creativity with entrepreneurial skills can become very successful.

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