CBSE buffer for differently-abled

CBSE buffer for differently-abled

Writing the most difficult exam papers—maths, science and English — will now be easy for the physically and visually challenged kids. In a recent move, CBSE has asked the schools to provide a number of concessions while marking the children with special needs as the board is all set to provide special training to teachers to check these answer scripts.

It has been observed that physically and visually challenged children are little less competent than the general kids on three subjects—maths, science and English. However, we want them to be comfortable with these subjects and encourage to take up these subjects in future. And the interest can be generated partly by providing them with good marks in the exams, said CBSE chairman Ashok Ganguly.

He further added: We want to sensitise the teachers about the ways they would evaluate and mark the answer scripts of these kids. A group of teachers will be identified and special training will be provided to them to ensure that a physically or visually challenged kid doesnt complain that he/she is not marked fairly.

In the recent set of rules, schools have been asked to exempt a physically challenged child from studying third language up to Class VIII besides an additional one hour will be given to such examinees. Moreover, a separate set of question papers in enlarged print for maths and science and technology in Class X will be provided for the candidates having visual impairment.

The candidate may be per¬mitted to draw the diagrams but it is not mandatory for the candidates to do the calculations themselves.

However, this set of new rules will not only be applicable in the Boards but also during the internal assessment. We have asked schools to follow these instructions during the internal exams to strengthen inclusion of physically challenged students into main stream, said Ganguly.

A separate column has been provided on the title page of the answer books for indicating the category of physically challenged candidates so that these answer books could be segregated for sending them separately to the regional office of the Board.

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