Washingrton based Sikh body awards scholarship to 153 Punjab students

Washington-based Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) has awarded 153 scholarships this year to needy students in Punjab and neighboring states in India. This is the highest number of need-based scholarships granted in any single year by SHDF to meritorious Sikh and non-Sikh students pursuing professional degree courses. The last years record number was 127.

Starting with 24 scholarships in 2000-01, SHDF has continuously improved upon its previous years record. By now it has awarded a total of 580 scholarships of which more than 160 recipients have already graduated. SHDF is now tracking their placement in appropriate jobs, said Gajinder S. Ahuja, SHDF Secretary General.

Continuing, Ahuja said that An analysis of the scholarships for 2006-07 shows that 53% of the scholarships went to male and 47% to female students. 60% of the scholarship recipients, boys and girls, came from villages and 40% from urban centers. The professional split of scholarships was: 44% for different branches of engineering and technology, 22% for medicine and health, 20% in computer sciences and the balance for disciplines like agriculture, aeronautics, business management and journalism. A number of these students are children of widows, terminally sick parents, domestic servants, pensioners and daily wage laborers in urban as well as rural areas. 58% of the students are from families with income of less than a dollar a day per person. In fact 39% of the students are from families with incomes of less than 60 cents per day per person.

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