IAEA puts the emphasis on education

A new web-based educational course in radiation oncology is being spearheaded in Asia and the Pacific region through partners working with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The course is part of the agency’s response to the rising incidence of cancer in developing countries.

The Applied Sciences of Oncology Distance Learning Course contains 71 training modules under eight topics: communication; critical appraisal; functional anatomy (oncologically relevant anatomy); molecular biology, pathology and pathogenesis; patient care (palliative science); physics and radiation technology; radiobiology; and systemic therapy for cancer (chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, immunomodulators).

The material is expected to be complementary to the training that radiation oncologists receive in developing countries through formal educational programmes. A further nine modules are planned this year.

The training course is an outcome of an IAEA technical cooperation project implemented under the Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology. This is an intergovernmental agreement among 17 IAEA member states in the Asia and Pacific region.

More : medicalphysicsweb.org

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