IIT Delhi to display innovations for image makeover

New Delhi, April 17 (IANS) The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi wants now for a change of image bewerkstelligte by the announcement of its innovations and become popular, like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and l ‘Stanford University. “For decades, we have achieved excellence in education, and it is high time, which became famous for a change of image bewerkstelligte,” said Balakrishnan, Dean, Post-Graduate Studies and Research at IIT Delhi.

“It is a temple of learning, and we need for this message by our innovations,” said Balakrishnan IANS.

“To showcase our work for the whole world, we are asked to 275 innovations Saturday. We invited industry, experts, schools and universities to come and get an idea of what we do here.”

In a disaster resistant intelligent house, a prototype of sugar cane for the visually impaired, a car to a formula of robots and other fuels for vehicles in progress, these innovations from IIT Delhi, students and their teachers on the screen.

“Everyone can be on the inside, ask questions and participate in our special conferences. We have also invited the faculties of science in schools and universities to come and get an idea of innovation, “said Subrat Kar, a professor I2tech and in the event.

What do people need to know what IIT Delhi. “If we are talking about items that famous institutes, names such as MIT, Stanford, Oxford and our minds. Why can we not, like herself?”

IITs have told teachers, the quality of education, like all the best international institutions or universities, but “few, as they are more than we know. It is a question of image building” .

What does he tried to ITT, as far as possible, students interact with a special program called “our right to speak.”

What does it say to technology such as schools and try to find out, at school by FOSS.

Sunit Tuli, associate dean of industrial research and development in IIT Delhi, people should know IIT innovations.

“We have the know-how and technology learning and what we have, that is to say, all over the world. This can we popularity in the international arena,” Tuli said.

Each year, IIT Delhi entry to nearly 550 students in various Undergraduate courses. Hundreds of also doctoral and post-graduate courses.

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