IIT-Delhi experts may be replaced

One day after the DIR reported on a global scale dass Bush was the author of research funding and transportation, Injury Prevention Programme (Tripp) of IIT Delhi, government sources said Friday there are “serious” a reflection on the place and Dinesh Mohan Geetam Tiwari of Tripp as a consultant in the draft GRT. The opposition, meanwhile, has brought the issue to claim, dass, the government also had a great interest in the project because of “links of interest.”

Says a transport service official: “For the next phase of GRT of Moolchand Delhi Gate, we look with a person under academic. Upon appointment, if it is compatible with knowledge on financing Tripp was against traditional norms our country, which is more serious is wrong, dass they went too didactic structure. ”

Despite the absence of official reaction was forthcoming from the government – of Ministers of Transport Haroon Yusuf took place on Friday any knowledge of corporate governance interests liaison Tripp – The sources indicate, dass six days have considerably dented “the credibility of the IIT expert with the government.

President of the Republic Dr Harshvardhan BJP, said: “It has always been very clear, dass interest the project has links and that is why, despite the strong opposition of this page, with the government advance him.

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