IIT Bombay’s national outreach prog

The Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B), the top-most among all IITs in India, has launched a mega global initiative to discover “10 Great Ideas to Change the World”.

The project was launched as a part of its golden jubilee celebrations, which kicked off from Nagpur on September 5 last year. The IIT-B had embarked on a unique ‘National outreach programme’ from the campus of Visveswaraya National Institute of Technology (VNIT) in city to start the celebrations.

“Did you ever imagine an aeroplane, or a spacecraft or even a computer about about 150 years back? But those are here due to revolutionary thinking of some persons, their persistence as well as their belief in their ideas. We are inviting IIT-B’s alumni, students, faculty and staff – both past and present – to send such revolutionary ideas from across the world in the area of science and technology, which could help the mankind in future,” director of IIT-B Prof Ashok Misra told TOI.

He added that the programme was launched in keeping with IIT-B’s commitment to contribute to development of world through innovative measures.
“The IIT-B has always played an important role in setting the stage for cutting edge technological research and innovation. This is the first of its kind initiative undertaken by any learning institution like ours and we are looking forward to the extended worldwide IIT-B family coming forward to support the project with their discerning ideas,” said Ashok Mishra.

Ajit Ranade, chairman of the IIT-Bombay global alumni association and belonging to Nagpur, told TOI that though preference would be given to ideas related to science and technology, other ideas which could really turn the world around would also be accepted.

“There could be ideas which could helpful in eradicating social stigmas like discrimination based on caste, creed and religion or concepts which could prove beneficial to the society would be welcomed. Ideas related to economic development would also be accepted,” said Ranade, an entrepreneur.

He informed that with nearly 40,000 alumni and faculty members, a host if ideas could be generated. “The intellectual property for each idea contributed to this unique project will be owned by the ideator. They will receive recommendation and support from IIT-B for possible implementation and even could be patented. Even Nagpur city has over 100 alumni and many ideas could be generated from here itself,” Ranade said.

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