IIT Patna Location Changed

A team of experts from Roorkee, after paying a visit to the proposed site of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bihta on Wednesday suggesting abandoning the site in favor of another spot located between Bihta and Aurangabad near Amhara village, reports said.

This site was earlier picked for building a software park but since that project is yet to see the light of the day, the authorities chose this location considering its strategic location in terms of reachability and its proximity with Patna.

Meanwhile, other key infrastructural elements including a management team are being pieced together with Gauhati IIT to initially manage the day to day affairs until an independent faculty is forged for the Patna IIT.

Initially, the institute, the jewel crown of the Indian academic landscape, would impart education in electronics and computer science with other departments to be added on gradually.

Officials from the IIT Gauhati, who are also in the state capital to review the state’s preparedness for the upcoming institute, visited the temporary site in Patna located within the Poly-technique Campus and offered suggestions to make the environment more conducive for the students.

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