IIT Kharagpur awards Nina Saxena Technology Award

Kharagpur: The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-K) has awarded the Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award 2008 to three scientists from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur.

Dr. Subhash P. Andey, Dr. Prakesh S. Kelkar and Dr. Madan V. Nanoti, all scientists with the Geo-Environment Management Division, NEERI, were presented the award for their contribution in the field of Healthcare.

The award-winning NEERI-ZAR Water Purification System reduces the cost of providing safe drinking water during emergency situations and reduces the expenditure on medical treatment of water-borne diseases.

It is also the most reliable water purification system which does not use electric power for water supply.

Prof. Amit Patra, Dean, Alumni Affairs of the institute said, “Dr. Nina Saxena was a brilliant alumna of IIT Kharagpur who along with a successful career had the vision of alleviating poverty and boosting overall economic growth in India. This award has kept her vision and philosophy of life intact by aptly recognizing the innovation of the scientists of the Geo-Environment Management Division, NEERI.”

The award commemorates the spirit and memory of IIT Kharagpur’s illustrious alumna Dr. Nina Saxena, B.Tech. (Hons.), ECE 1992, who passed away tragically in 2005.

Open to all technologists who are Indian citizens, the award is adjudged by a committee chaired by the Director of IIT Kharagpur on the basis of dimensions including innovativeness, applicability, benefit to the nation and most importantly the potential of the application for social development with specific reference to underdeveloped areas in India.

The award committee also comprises of Deans and selected faculty members of the institute and well known alumnus, based in India and the US.

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