CBSE Cuts Down Science, Tech Theory Syllabus

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to delete several topics from the science and technology syllabus of classes IX and X.

While the changes are coming in with immediate effect for class IX, they will be introduced in the 2006-07 academic session in class X.

In a meeting held on Tuesday, the Board finalised the portions that are being deleted. Since the emphasis on practicals is increasing from this academic session, the Board has also drawn up a list of experiments that each student needs to do in classes IX and X. The Board had decided earlier that from this academic session, students have to appear for 60 marks of theory instead of 75 marks as was the case, hence the deletion.

In class IX, three whole units are being deleted (units 1, 2 and 4), while in class X, four units (units 1, 2, 4 and 6) will not be taught anymore. The deleted topics in class IX include maintenance of standards, colloids, atomic theory of matter, historical perspective of periodical classification of elements, ionisation energy and electron affinity, transformation of scales (Celsius, Kelvin), thermometers, harmonic waves and sound.

Similarly, in class X the deleted topics include pH scale, derivation of mirror formula, working of the compound microscope, derivation of the lens formula, working of the compound microscope, equations of Faradays laws, electro-chemical cells, dry cells, electric motor and electric generator, properties of hydrogen, synthetic polymers, solar system and constellations.

As a policy we are trying to reduce load of syllabus and the resultant stress. Earlier this year we had decided to reduce marks for theory, hence the trimming. We had taken sometime before we finalised topics to be deleted because opinions of a large number of school teachers and educationists were taken to identify topics that are not relevant for students of the class IX-X stage, the Boards director (academic), G Balasubramaniam, told TOI from Delhi.

Fifteen experiments each have been enlisted by the Board for the two classes. Schools will have to follow the list strictly as the Board is introducing a 20-mark theory test based on these experiments from the CBSE X exam of 2007. The new marks break-up for the theory portion in both classes IX and X have also been decided upon and schools are being informed about the change through the circular.
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