HK Promoting Language Education

Hong Kong Standing Committee on Language Education Research will allocate 300 million HK dollars (38.46 million US dollars) from the Language Fund to increase the Professional Development Incentive Grant Scheme`s coverage.

According to a government press release, the additional allocation will allow the scheme to support at least 10,000 additional language teachers for their professional development, benefiting a total of 17,500.

The scheme, launched in 2004, aims to encourage more on-the-job language teachers, particularly those who do not have a degree or attend any training courses, to upgrade their professional qualifications.

Upon completion of an approved program of study, each successful applicant will be reimbursed half of the tuition fee, up to a maximum of 30,000 HK dollars (3,846 US dollars).

By August, the scheme had already received more than 5,200 applications, up about 200 percent over last year.

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