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IIT graduates make learning easy for kids

Five young graduate students from IIT Delhi are trying to make learning easier for young kids through their “productive games”.

Five young graduates from IIT Delhi have come up with innovative designs for toys that will help young children play “productive games”and at the same time, they’re aiming to help the toy industry.

“Toy is a very interesting area because toys have to be innovative, creative and so it really challenges you to produce something new. This project was to do with giving confidence to the small scale toy industry, that our designers in India can do a lot for them.This confidence building was necessary so that they can think out of larger markets like the European markets and the challenges that are being posed by the Chinese invasion of cheap toys into the country,” said Professor Lalit Das, Industrial Design, IIT Delhi.

Neha Chandra has designed five models of vehicular toys which have been inspired by animals in a coral reef. She wanted to design something that would be exciting as well as leave an impact on children.

A 3-D game inspired by snakes and ladders has been designed by Salhay, while Pawan and Ajay have designed sets of transformer toys. But so far it’s only Pradeep’s Sudoku board game that is now being manufactured.

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‘Don’t Expect Too Much From IIT Meet’

Professor M S Ananth, Director, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, does not expect tangible deliverables from the Global IIT Alumni Conference, but acknowledges that such repetitive interactions can ultimately pay dividends in realising at least part of the objectives.

In an interview, Ananth, who was in the United States recently to deliver the keynote speech at the US Chemical Research Council conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and then came down to Washington to meet with IIT-Madras alumni, said, I don`t expect any direct take-off from any of these conferences.

Ananth, who will return to Washington along with other directors of the various IITs for the conference, predicted, Till that synergy comes it won`t happen; it can happen only by these frequent meetings.
However, notwithstanding his reality check, Ananth acknowledged, Of course, the idea that alumni are interested in their alma mater is a very important concept. It is a new concept for India. In India it`s just not there. Ananth argued, My contention is that as a civilisation and in the process of accepting the logical form of the West we have given up the intuitive form, and we should retain both. If you look at education in India, undergraduate education now has 450,000 students entering, the numbers are increasing, and out of the 450,000, IITs handle 4,500 — just one per cent. So in a sense we need more IITs.

But Ananth said the main alarm in India among IITs is post-graduate education, and perhaps echoing the concerns of his fellow directors of other six IITs, bemoaned, We have 20,000 seats of which only 10,000 are taken, and given that only 20 per cent of post-graduates will come into teaching, we have effectively 2,000 teachers available.

Ananth asserted, It is not possible in the current context. As far as government institutions are concerned, the maximum salary you can draw is that of a Cabinet Secretary. Next to the Cabinet Secretary, you have the regular Secretary who draws Rs 26,000 as basic salary per month.

So therefore, the IIT Director shall not get more than that — and if the IIT Director gets that, you can imagine what the faculty gets, he said.

He acknowledged that the faculty was free to consult and earn extra income, and that there is no cap on that at all. Nobody is going to give you money unless you deliver, and delivering requires time.
Ananth said the question is, how do you get a larger faculty, and noted, I have hired 130 faculty members in the last three years, of who 36 have BTechs from various IITs who`ve done PhD abroad and come back.

I am at 350 faculty-member strength and it`s not as if I don`t get applicants. Ananth said he does have adjunct faculty and that IITs have several provisions whereby people can be hired without PhDs in management — it is one of the exceptions and there are similar provisions for architecture and planning where we can also take people without PhDs.

And I have adjunct faculty who don`t even need a master`s degree. So adjunct faculty is perfectly possible and we have that. But I am talking about core faculty.

Ananth said, Every Indian has to make a decision whether to go into an industrial or academic career and the next question is, do you want it in India or the US. I believe the choice is not hard to make.
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Scholarships for IIT, IIM, minority students

The state minority affairs development department has announced a scheme offering scholarships to minority students studying in premier institutions like IIT and IIM and training facilities to those aspiring careers in airlines, hospitality sector, tourism, maritime and food processing.

The scholarship scheme and training facilities are open to students whose family income is less than Rs 2.5 lakh. The merit cum means scholarship scheme, a central scheme is aimed at providing financial assistance to 2223 students of whom 2132 would be Muslims. The annual fees at the IIMs is around Rs 2,00,000 per annum. With Sachar Committee exposing the Left Front governments little achievements in terms of minority development and with panchayat elections round the corner, the state government has announced a number of sops and development projects for the minorities. While the scholarship would cover full course fee for students studying in sixty premier institution like IIM, NIT and IIT those in other institutions will be paid annual course fee upto Rs 20,000 and hostel and other charges. Coaching facilities would be available for entrance examination into professional courses and for competitive examinations. Applications can be sent to the managing director, West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation within 30 September. Upliftment of minorities will not be possible unless they get education. We will even allow private coaching centres which have good success rate, said Mr Abdus Sattar, minister of state, minorities development affairs. The state government will also hold a convention on 18 October to discuss about the sub-plan prepared by it with minority MPs and MLAs as well as people from ISI, IIT and IIM participating in it.

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Bonus bait for IIT-B faculty

Facing a talent crunch that is familiar to many companies, the elite Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay) is offering all new faculty members a signing bonus of Rs 3 lakh.

Significantly, the bonuses are being raised by donations from the IIT alumni, generally a high-achieving bunch, who in recent years, have become more active, organised and sophisticated in giving back to their alma mater.

This is a first for any of the IITs, says Deepak B Phatak, professor at IITs Kanwal Rekhi School of Information Technology.

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US-based Nuance Comm ties up with IIT-M’s TeNet Group

US-based Nuance Communications on Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IIT Madras’s TeNet Group, a coalition of faculty from the electrical engineering and computer science and engineering departments of the institute, for a strategic relationship to develop innovative applications based on Nuance’s technology.

According to the agreement, Nuance and TeNet would jointly develop applications relevant to the Indian market to adopt speech-based applications in e-commerce, remote healthcare and e-governance.

Both of them would setup and foster in-campus pilot projects with the aim to help incubate start-ups and would refine, scale and commercialise these solutions.

Nuance would also establish a development and testing lab within TeNet. This was the first time that Nuance has signed an MoU with an institution in India, according to a release here.

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IIT Delhi to scale up research

Keen to establish itself as a premier research institute without diluting the international recognition it has earned as a centre of excellence, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, is now aiming at breaking into the worlds top 100 research institutions over the next five years, its Director Surendra Prasad said on Friday.

Addressing a press conference on the eve of the 38th Annual Convocation of the institution, Prof. Prasad said: We want to scale up our research. We want more post-graduate students, especially Ph.D. students. We want to reach out to good students and excite them with the idea of research. We are also looking at increasing the faculty strength. We want to have, on an average, three-four students per faculty pursuing research work.

One of the key challenges identified by IIT Delhi is to increase the number of Ph.D.s without compromising on quality. Today the career opportunities in research are much more than ever before. There are certain openings and positions that are available to students only if they have done research work, said M. Balakrishnan, Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research.

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IIT, Roorkee, in partnership with Geodesic, a software solutions company, has launched a nationwide

IIT, Roorkee, in partnership with Geodesic, a software solutions company, has launched a nationwide

NT Roorkee announces (sis B-plan contest)
The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee, in partnership with Geodesic, a software solutions company, has launched a nationwide contest is The Bplan Competition promote next generation entrepreneurs in India. The contest is open to students of all recognised Indian universities. Participants must submit an original business plan by February 25, 2007. Ten best plans will be selected for the final presentation round slated to be held on March 17,2007. The first three winners will be awarded prizes worth Rs 50,000, 25,000 and 15,000, respectively and will be given the option to incubatr their companies with the IITs STEP (Science and Technological Entrepreneurially Park) for a year.

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Got a problem with IIT?

Another summer has come and gone bringing with it a fresh group of students eager to be impressed. These students are ready to find out exactly what IIT has to offer. While making ranks on some of the Princeton Review’s “Room for Improvement” lists and achieving a whopping 96th on U.S. News’ Top National Universities of 2008, IIT leaves something to be desired.

Fortunately for the student body, last year things began to change. Many Voices, One Vision allowed students to submit their opinions on issues that will be considered in the new strategic plan, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) developed a “food committee” to be the liaison between the students and Sodexo, and forums like ChangeIIT gave students a place to discuss their qualms with this institution, just to name a few.

With all these positive responses to the outcries of the students, I’m still left unsatisfied. Why, you ask? Because I’m not seeing many changes. There is an endless list of changes that need to be made at IIT, and they’re just not happening. However, if change is happening, I, as a member of the student body, don’t know about it. In either case, it’s bad.

So what can we, as members of the IIT Community, do to solve this? Get involved! If you experience a problem with IIT, don’t just stop and complain about it, do something. Find possible solutions to the problem, do a little research, talk to fellow students, and present your findings to the appropriate personnel in order to catalyze change.

Contrary to popular belief, there are faculty members and organizations that want to help you, but they’re busy. If you approach any of these members with your research done and a serious attitude to fix the problem, I bet they’ll actually listen. If you’re unsure who to approach or what to do next, go to the Student Government Association (SGA) meetings. I’m sure these elected members of the IIT student body will be more than willing to assist, especially if you’re trying to make a change.

In summary, if you have a problem with IIT, do something about it. Initiate the change that will positively affect you as well as the rest of the IIT community. Nevertheless, don’t limit yourself to only fixing issues that arise. Try creating something useful just for the hell of it. If we all start pouring our efforts into action instead of apathy, I guarantee IIT will exceed our expectations.

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Programme on safety in constructions

A three-day training programme on safety in constructions, held specifically for building workers, was conducted by the Building Technology Centre of Anna University and the College of Engineering, Guindy. The course ended on Friday, and certificates were handed over to all the participants during the valedictory ceremony.

Thirty participants, including building site supervisors, masons and contractors, took the course, which was conceptualised to address the increase in the number of construction site accidents and deaths.

The special course, conducted in Tamil, it saw a number of eminent lecturers from various institutions, including IIT-Madras, addressing participants.

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Expelled IIT students to hold rally, seek redressal

Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribe students, who were expelled from the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi last month, have now decided to take their agitation to the streets.

Seventeen of the 20 expelled students will hold a rally on Monday to protest their expulsion and to demand immediate redress. The rally, being organised along with students group Bahujan Students’ Front, will start from Ambedkar Stadium and will go to Parliament House.

“We are taking out this rally because injustice has been meted out to us. This is a clear case of injustice and discrimination based on caste lines,” one of the expelled students said.

“We have been given an assurance by Buta Singh, chairman of the SC Commission, that justice will be delivered. We also sought the intervention of the HRD Ministry, which has assured us the matter would be looked into,” he said.

The IIT had expelled 20 students last month for not meeting the minimum level required for continuation. But when the issue came into public eye and when the SC Commission intervened, the institute revoked the expulsion of three students on grounds of leniency, stating that they were only a few points short of the required 50 credits; the 17 others were short by a large margin.

The issue had raked up a controversy and for the first time in its history, the IIT witnessed students’ protests. The affected students said the review committee instituted by IIT didn’t have any external members and that the people who expelled them in the first place were reviewing their cases.

A protester said a large number of students from universities and colleges in Delhi, as well as other cities and states, would also participate: “There are students coming from Hyderabad, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. Apart from these, students from IIT, AIIMS, JNU, Jamia and DU will also participate to raise the issue of caste-based discrimination in the education system throughout the country.”

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IIMC sticks to OBC interview schedule

IIM Calcutta (IIMC) interviewed 20 OBC candidates on Thursday, a day after the Calcutta High Court put the brakes on the Centre’s order to impose OBC quotas in post graduate courses in IIMC and IIT-Kharagpur (IIT-KGP).

According to Dinesh Varma, chief administrative officer of IIMC, “We interviewed the students we had sent out letters to. We will have to choose nine of them for the 2008-2010 batch. We will now wait for the final verdict, after which we will send out letters to the nine OBC candidates selected today out of the 20 interviewed. In case the OBC quota is scraped, we will follow last year’s regime.”

IIT-Kharagpur is also waiting for the final verdict.

Its interviews for the post-graduate programme is scheduled for May 28.

At the same time, the Centre has approached the Supreme Court seeking vacation of the Calcutta High Court order staying the implementation of a government memorandum realating to 27 per cent quota for OBCs in post graduate courses in IIMs.

The HRD ministry had ordered implementation of the 27 per cent OBC quota in postgraduate courses in central institutions.

The Calcutta High Court on Wednesday stayed quota for OBCs in post-graduate courses in Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

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IIT Patna Location Changed

A team of experts from Roorkee, after paying a visit to the proposed site of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Bihta on Wednesday suggesting abandoning the site in favor of another spot located between Bihta and Aurangabad near Amhara village, reports said.

This site was earlier picked for building a software park but since that project is yet to see the light of the day, the authorities chose this location considering its strategic location in terms of reachability and its proximity with Patna.

Meanwhile, other key infrastructural elements including a management team are being pieced together with Gauhati IIT to initially manage the day to day affairs until an independent faculty is forged for the Patna IIT.

Initially, the institute, the jewel crown of the Indian academic landscape, would impart education in electronics and computer science with other departments to be added on gradually.

Officials from the IIT Gauhati, who are also in the state capital to review the state’s preparedness for the upcoming institute, visited the temporary site in Patna located within the Poly-technique Campus and offered suggestions to make the environment more conducive for the students.

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HRD Min should look at opening more schools for tribals: IIT-B

Senior faculty members of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here have said that IITs were not getting enough tribal students and it was time the HRD Ministry looked at opening large number of schools to educate them and give them a chance to compete for higher education.

It was not new that this year there was shortage of ST students for admissions. Every year there is a five to ten per cent shortage of ST students, they said.

“Therefore, our humble request to the HRD Ministry is to open large number of schools for tribal children to give them primary and secondary education, so even that five to 10 per cent can be filled in without compromising the institutions’ standards,” they added.

“Lowering cut-off marks for admission to these technical institutions is not going to help ST students now,” they said.

The cut-off for general category students was 180 marks while it was much lower for SC/ST students at 104 out of 489, the total score.

According to IIT Chennai Director M S Ananth, admissions for SCs is already complete in all the seven IITs and there was a shortage of ST students in ISM-Dhanbad IT-Banaras Hindu University.

“It is a usual phenomenon and happens every year and here was nothing new,” he said.

The Human Resource Ministry had, last week, asked IITs to fill up vacant reserved category seats by lowering cut-off marks.

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Comment for HRD Min should look at opening more schools for tribals: IIT-B
Request for supports to primitive tribes / indigenous people
Dear Sir,
Our NGO “MULNIVASI MUKTI MANCH ” [English name — ” Indigenous People Liberation Forum”] is a non profitable, Indigenous / Tribal people’s NGO registered under Society Act bearing Regd. No.273/2001 is working for poor tribal people of India. We have no financial source from other side. We are spending money from our own pockets for the organization on the principle of “Pay back to Society”. This NGO is the tribal / indigenous people’s NGO, for the tribal people by the tribal people.We need of supports for poor tribal children, women, and we also requested to consider us for seminars, conferences, meetings, trainings, on the trial / indigenous issues as well as grants, financial assistance for projects etc…
Yours sincerely,
Madavi L. K.
Mulnivasi Mukti Manch

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US Honours IIT Grads’ Contribution

IITians have hit a home run yet again. In the run-up to the high-profile Global IIT 2005 conference to be held between May 20 and 22 in Washington DC, the US Congress has passed a resolution which recognises and honours IIT grads in the US and the contributions that they have made to American society in every profession and discipline.

In fact, House Resolution 22, which was passed last week, goes well beyond just the IITs and is all praise for the contributions of Indian Americans to economic innovation and society generally in the US.

I proudly co-sponsored this important legislation to offer my congratulations and support to Indian Americans throughout the US for the success they have found in all professions including engineering, education, research and technology.

The Indian-American community is one of the most successful immigrant groups and has achieved success in many areas, reaching beyond just the typically expected fields of engineering and technology.

The passage of House Resolution 227 demonstrates that the House, and the country as a whole, recognises the accomplishments and the opportunities the Indian-American community offers to the nation, Bobby Jindal, the only Indian American US Congressman, who sponsored the resolution, told ET from Washington DC.

Meanwhile, the governors of the state of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia have declared May 2005 as Indian American heritage month in recognition of the contribution of IITians and Indian Americans to society in every profession and discipline in the US.

The Global IIT graduates commitment, dedication in research, innovation and promotion of trade and international co-operation between India and the State of Maryland is greatly appreciated, Governor Robert L Ehrlich said.

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Changing Lanes in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Changing Lanes

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has unveiled its latest initiative to enlarge and develop the suitable talent pool available to the IT industry. The Talent Transformation aims to transform science graduates into global software professionals. With a lack of trained talent identified as a key potential barrier to growth, the TCS science-to-software programme is designed to be a learning module that would trans form BSc/BCA degree holders into IT professionals.

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Class VIII ‘engineering students’ learn nitty-gritty of computer science at IIM-A

In a first in the country, the Duke University, Durham, USA in partnership with the IIM-Ahmedabad is conducting a training programme for a selected group of Class VIII students. The initiative envisages providing them with ‘college level’ knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering and computer science.

The course that commenced on May 18 at the IIM-A campus has 34 students from 13 schools across four Indian cities selected by the university’s Talent Identification Programme (TIP) team.

Reputed English medium schools in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi were asked to shortlist some of their best Class VIII students out of which the 34 were selected. The three-week course has two components of engineering— problem solving and Java video games. As a part of the course, the students will learn to make engineering models of windmills, bridges and design video games. All the nine instructors part of the TIP have come from the US for the programme.

The cost of the inaugural course has been fully borne by the TIP. It’s a non-profit organisation that aims to nurture the talent of academically gifted school children across the world by running courses that broaden their horizons.

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India : IITs PCM coated fabric valuable in extreme climates

India : IITs PCM coated fabric valuable in extreme climates

Its a moment of glory for the IITs Department of Textile Technology as the research team has developed a Phase Change Material (PCM).

Tiny salt like grains, the materials, when coated on fabrics, emit warmth in winter and absorb heat in summer.

This could offer perfect clothing in the extreme climates.

The application of PCM coated fibre for the fighter pilots clothing will be one of its significant applications. Such suits defy the gravitational force and can withstand extreme temperatures.

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Council Opposes `Move’ To Shift Proposed IIT To Kochi

The Corporation Council on Tuesday urged the Government to drop the move to shift the proposed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) from Thiruvananthapuram to Kochi.

The ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) benches alleged that the Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy, was torpedoing the development of the capital city to suit vested interests.

Moving a resolution on the issue, the chairman of the works standing committee, V.S. Padmakumar, said the proposal to upgrade Thiruvananthapuram Engineering College as an IIT was submitted to the Centre during the tenure of the former Chief Minister A.K. Antony.

He alleged that the Oommen Chandy Government had recommended Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT) for the project. A team from the Human Resource Ministry is visiting CUSAT next week to assess its suitability, he said.

The LDF councillors alleged that the Government was sidelining the capital city and turning a blind eye to its development needs. They said several major projects earmarked for the capital had either been dumped or diverted to Kochi under pressure from powerful lobbies.

The UDF councillors hit back, saying that the previous LDF Government could not evade responsibility for much of the development problems faced by the capital city.

The UDF leader D. Sudarsanan said the roads improvement scheme and the construction of a civil station demonstrated the Oommen Chandy Government`s commitment to the electorate in the city. The Mayor, J. Chandra, urged the Government to establish the IIT in Thiruvananthapuram. The resolution was adopted unanimously.

The Mayor told the meeting that all the drains and gutters in the city would be desilted before the onset of the South-West monsoon.
The health circles would be directed to deploy workers on special assignment for the work.

Several councillors blamed Government officials for the tardy progress of projects implemented by various government agencies.
The Mudavanamugal ward member, K. Rajasekharan Nair, said work on the Thrikkannapuram water supply scheme had ground to a halt.

The Mayor assured the council that monitoring of deposit schemes would be stepped up.
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IIT Bombay enters into a strategic tie-up with Agilent Tech

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay has joined hands with Delhi-based IT company Agilent to develop technologies for the speedy data transfer on the web.

Agilent Technologies announcing the collaboration with IIT Bombay said it would build technologies for 100 Gigabit as well as next generation carrier ethernet networks in the metropolitan space.

“It is a great pleasure to partner with Agilent Technologies and to explore areas that could potentially redefine the Ethernet network domains. With this association we hope to contribute substantially to the telecommunication research at the global level,” said Professor Ashwin Gumaste of IIT Bombay.

The technologies that would be developed through this association would be employed by next generation data centres for mobile back-haul traffic.

Agilent Technologies President and Country General Manager Venkatesh Valluri said, “Such collaborative technologies that help in enhancing data speeds multifold would create new global business opportunities.”

With this collaboration emphasis on the future of ethernet would be a key shift for private-public partnerships in the Indian scenario.

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IIM-K gets ready to host Start-up Fair

The Start-up Fair, conceptualized by E-Cell, the entrepreneurship arm of the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode will be held on October 4 & 5, 2008 at the institute’s scenic campus in Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala.

Keeping in line with IIM-K’s drive to encourage entrepreneurship, The Start-up Fair brings together aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and industry experts to discuss business ideas and facilitate the process of implementing them. Many aspiring entrepreneurs from the final year batch of IIM-K would also be interacting with the participating firms to understand the proposed business models, the nitty-gritties involved, the challenges faced and the firms’ working and proposed solutions.

This fair is expected to attract participation of more than 25 start-ups and 400 students. Some of the participating start-ups operate in the space of Investment Banking, Private Equity, Social Entrepreneurship, Educational services, Media, Healthcare, Travel and Tourism and Rural Marketing.

Prof. Sunil Handa (Faculty, IIM-A & Founder, Eklavya Foundation) would be conducting an LEM (Laboratory for Entrepreneurial Management) Workshop during the same time. This workshop will help budding entrepreneurs understand the difficulties and efforts involved in starting a new firm and also inspire more students to take up entrepreneurship.

“This is a great avenue for firms to showcase the kind of careers one can have in wide and diverse fields that MBA students think about,” says Soheib Ali, a 2nd year student at IIMK. “We have a very vibrant program for Industry Interaction here at IIMK, and have a lot of corporate honchos visiting our campus to speak at these seminars. This fair will give us an insight into the world of entrepreneurship and the subtle benefits of starting out on your own”, he adds.

E-cell, the entrepreneurship arm of IIMK was formed with the purpose of fostering entrepreneurship and assisting the aspiring entrepreneurs by providing them with necessary resources. This is in addition to the theoretical and practical course that is being offered at IIMK – “Entrepreneurship and New Ventures”. Apart from conducting seminars and workshops, B-Plan contests and other similar events, E-Cell also tries to encourage students towards entrepreneurship by proposing an option of ‘Placement Holiday’ to the Placements Office. Placement Holiday gives the student an option to sit out of placements, start a venture and avail the facility at a later date, if need be.

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