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Raha appointed honorary professor at IITK

Subir Raha, Executive Vice Chairman, Hinduja Group India Ltd. will be associated with the India Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K) as a distinguished honorary professor jointly in the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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IIT plan to set up satellite campus in Guj hits snag

IIT plan to set up satellite campus in Guj hits snag

IIT-Mumbais plan to start a satellite campus in Gujarat, which could have gradually become a full-fledged IIT, IIT-Mumbais plan to start a satellite campus in Gujarat, which could have gradually become a full-fledged IIT, may not take place early.. Reason: Centres approval was not taken.

But the political subtext, according to sources, is that a Congress-ruled centre would not offer an IIT to BJP-ruled Gujarat under Narendra Modi.

The fact that Gujarat also goes to election by the end of next year would mean that Centre would not like the state government to showcase IIT as an achievement.

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E-learning, a remedy against environmental pollution

YOU WAKE up in the morning and rush to your school. In this process, have you ever thought what damage you have done to the mother earth – because you use the school bus, it emits tons of carbon in the air; you use paper, which comes to you after pulling down millions of bamboo trees. These are the dangers that the classical mode of educational system (schools and colleges) dish out to mankind. So, what’s the way out?

One of the most effective ways to reduce carbon footprints is online education. In fact, Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) and Britain’s Open University Design Innovation Group (DIG) have suggested online education as a remedy against environmental pollution.

Though little research has been done on the topic, SEI and DIG had released some relevant studies in 2005. Their work quantifies the environmental impact of the higher education sector and lauds the ’potential of the Internet and other e-learning methods to radically reduce energy consumption and emissions’.

The key finding of the UK study was that distance learning courses consumed nearly 90 per cent less energy and produced 85 per cent fewer carbon-dioxide emissions than conventional campus university courses.

By logging on, instead of traveling to the age-old campuses, you are contributing towards making your surroundings or the world, greener and verdant.

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SIUC’s off-campus military programs honored

The success of Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s military programs in providing off-campus educational opportunities to the nation’s military is attracting national attention.

Military Advanced Education magazine lists SIUC as one of the nation’s 2008 top 20 military friendly colleges and universities in its December 2008 issue. Because of ties, 22 schools are in the top 20 in the publication’s second annual list of rankings. According to the magazine, an independent panel of judges from education and the military based the selections on “each institution’s favorable policies toward our men and women in uniform.”

The award shows “that we are absolutely doing things the right way with our students out there, and the people who work for us are treating our students the right way,” said Thomas H. Beebe, director of SIUC’s Office of Military Programs.

“Every one of the people who works for us is committed to do what they do, and each and every one of them is dedicated to the student — not only in the field, but also here on campus,” he said.

SIUC’s Office of Military Programs coordinates the activities of the University’s three colleges that offer bachelor degrees to active duty military and reserve personnel, their families, retirees, and at some locations, community members. Started in 1973 at Scott Air Force Base, the program is now at 39 military and civilian locations in 16 states. The program is in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

“SIUC has a proud history of providing outstanding educational opportunities to men and women in uniform. We are pleased that we can be of service to our military personnel as they serve our country,” Interim Chancellor Samuel Goldman said.

SIUC was among the first universities to offer off-campus academic programs to military personnel, said Beebe, who has directed the program since September 1996. Prior to arriving at SIUC, Beebe coordinated SIUC’s degree program at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, N.M., for five years.

There are 1,542 students enrolled in the six degree programs via three of SIUC’s colleges. The College of Applied Sciences and Arts offers degrees in health care management, aviation management, electronic systems technologies and fire service management. The College of Engineering offers a degree in industrial technology, and the College of Education and Human Services offers a degree in workforce education and development.

Each college appoints a director to oversee the day-to-day academic matters.

Beebe emphasizes that while students may never step foot on the Carbondale campus, the degrees they earn are every bit as valued as for students living in residence halls on campus. The off-campus students typically enroll as full-time students unless military obligations require a part-time class schedule.

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Govt forms society to develop software in Bangla

The research centre plans to host 15,000 pages of Rabindra Rachanabali in unicode format on its website

The West Bengal government is forming an autonomous society to develop systems and software in Bangla and other regional languages.

“The Society for Natural Language Technology Research (SNLTR) is a part of government’s initiative to popularise Bengali language and literature with the help of modern information technology,” IT Minister Debesh Das said.

The IT department has already sanctioned Rs 1 crore for one year to the society, which is currently located at Salt Lake. The society has one government representative in its managing body.

For a start, SNLTR in collaboration with IIT Kharagpur and a private software development company will soon release “Baishakhi”, a standardised Bangla Linux distribution software in public


The software will allow office computation in Bangla along with a Bengali spell check system integrated with the Bangla Linux system.

“The society is working on standardisation of Bengali codes and a unicode compliant Bangla keyboard layout,” Das said. Computer experts believe that Bangla texts lack standardisation, which makes the output neither universally accessible nor usable, unlike English. The society promises to make Bengali user-friendly on computers and create language resources, systems and devices.

SNLTR, in collaboration with Bengal Engineering and Science University, has begun work on a Bangla dictionary and a word list in accordance with the Paschim Banga Bangla Academy spelling convention.

The society plans to host 15,000 pages of Rabindra Rachanabali in unicode format on its website.

With IIT Kharagpur as its research centre, the society will also create a search engine of indexed and categorised Bengali literary works.

“We will also create a script of Tagore’s musical notes in a computer software format. We are taking the help of IIT Kharagpur in this endeavour,” said professor Dwijesh Kumar Dutta Majumder, president, SNLTR.

“We will collect multidimensional databases of modern Bangla texts in electronic format and analyse them with the help of computer technology,” Majumder added.

The research centre will also develop tools and software like optical character recognition system for printed Bengali script to assess the accuracy of scripts.

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IIT Bombay teams up with US nanotechnology firm for lab

A state-of-the-art nano-manufacturing lab costing over $7.5 million donated by a global nanotechnology major was inaugurated at the Indian Institute of Technology here on Thursday.

The prestigious institute located in north east Mumbai also signed a MoU with Applied Materials (AMAT), which donated three advanced tools to IIT, for collaboration in R&D projects. The tools donated by AMAT will be used by students and professors in IIT for research in developing newer flash memory devices and improving present day applications in solar energy, deputy director of IIT, B J Vasi said.

We first came into contact with IIT two years ago while recruiting people for our new facility in Bangalore. Things moved well and we decided to collabo-rate with the institute and set up the tools here. Todays inaugration makes IIT the first institute globally to handle an eight inch silicon wafer used in making chips, CEO of AMAT

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IIT-B to deliver `live lectures’ in virtual classrooms

Students across the country will soon have access to quality education imparted at the prestigious IIT-B here as the institute plans to start within a month a virtual classroom using the Edusat facility of ISRO.

We have set up a studio inside the campus which is just like any other classroom. It has all the facilities for uplinking the lecture to the devoted satellite – Edusat, which can transmit it to others. Colleges can have live lectures, head of IIT-Bs distance engineering education progarmme Kannan Moudgalya told PTI.

Any engineering college which awards degrees to students can fit a receiver in their premises so that the students can sit for the lecture.

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IITs told to admit prep course students from this session

New Delhi: The list of challenges for Indian Institutes of Technology, or IITs, to implement reservations for less privileged classes just got longer.

In the latest development, the ministry of human resource development has asked all the IITs, which are mentoring six new IITs, to admit students for a year-long preparatory course targeted towards the new institutes to fill up vacant quota seats, a decision the institutes had put on hold for a year for want of better infrastructure.

The ministry asked the IITs in a Tuesday night meeting to put up students for the prep course as a way to fill the seats, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting’s proceedings. “We have asked them to do this from this year itself so that no seats are wasted,” this person said on condition of anonymity.

The development comes barely a fortnight after Mint first reported on 24 July that the six new IITs had decided not to admit students for the preparatory course this year.

To read the 24 July story clickhere
While the older IITs have also faced the problem of finding enough students who qualify for reserved seats in the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, or ST, categories, this is the first time that slots would have gone vacant at the six new IITs.
Unfilled seats at the older IITs have continued to be filled by students who had failed to qualify, but had then been admitted to a year-long preparatory course; these students are later admitted to the IITs.

For this academic year, the mentor IITs had postponed admissions for the preparatory course to next year, fearing an additional burden on infrastructure.

At the new IITs, only seven out of 54, or 12%, of the seats reserved for ST students have been filled. In the IITs in Patna, Gandhinagar and Orissa, no ST student has been admitted for the academic session that began in August.

The proposed IITs in Punjab and Rajasthan have admitted one student each, whereas IIT Hyderabad has five ST students.
With the new guidelines from the ministry, which oversees education, the elite institutes are again in a fix. “Most new IITs have begun classes. Any new directive on more students is going to make things more difficult and we are really bursting at the seams,” an IIT director said, requesting anonymity. “We have to attend to two institutes with the infrastructure of one IIT.”

Notably, the respective state governments have not come up with specific sites for the IITs at Punjab, Rajasthan and Orissa, which is why theseIITs have commenced their classes at their mentor IITs at Kanpur, Delhi and Kharagpur, respectively.
IIT Patna, Gandhinagar and Hyderabad have been set up on temporary campuses.

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Rise in number of girl students at IIT Delhi

The number of girl students at undergraduate level at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) has increased significantly by over 65 percent this year.

S.R. Kale, Dean, Undergraduate Studies at IIT Delhi said, “In 2007, out of 550 students at the institute, 50 were girls constituting 9 percent of the strength. However, this year, 83 out of the total 626 students are girls, which is about 13 percent. This is a significant increase”.

The increase is in contrast to the fact that less number of girl students opt for engineering education. On the contrary, girls perform better than boys in science in the higher secondary examinations.

The popular streams among the girl candidates are Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Bio-Chemical Engineering.

Girls are also more focused in the classrooms as compared to their male counterparts. In 2007, girls bagged 3 of the 14 silver medals for undergraduate studies at the institute.

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Need startup funding? Head to IIT Bombay

At a time when seeking funds for any startup has become very challenging, budding entrepreneurs will get a unique platform to showcase their products and services at the Investor Pitch being organised by the Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) of IIT

Investor Pitch is meant for early stage startups which are looking for seed money or second-round funding after having begun operations, or those who need money to develop their plans.

“The Investor Pitch is unique as it facilitates seed-funding or early-stage funding, which is the most scarce form of funding available in India and something that is necessary to sustain a generation of entrepreneurs. The teams will also get advice from the experts,” said Cyrus Vesvikar, media manager of the E-Cell at IIT Bombay.

While the last date for submitting entries is January 10, applications will be shortlisted on the basis of the executive summaries of their business plans. Entries are also expected to mention the amount of funding required in the summary.

The results of the shortlisted teams will be declared on January 25 and over 20 teams are expected to be selected for the investor pitch.

Subsequently, shortlisted teams of aspiring entrepreneurs will get an opportunity to pitch their business plans before a panel of venture capitalists at the finals, during the Entrepreneurship Summit to be held on February 7.

“Each team will get around five minutes to pitch their plans, followed by a question-and-answer session. Funding depends on individual plans and it could go up to Rs5 crore for any team,” said Vesvikar.

The panel of venture capitalist firms will include Seedfund, Nexus India Capital, Ojas Ventures, Waygate Capital, Milagrow Ventures, Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, Canaan Partners, Frontline Ventures, Helion Ventures, Navam Capital, Blue Run Ventures and Blue River Capital.

The Entrepreneurship Summit, an E-Cell initiative, will bring together aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists and academicians on a common platform. The finals of “Eureka”, the business plan competition, will also be held during the summit, which will be followed by a global conference of entrepreneurship cells on February 8.

“Discussing the scope of activities of an e-cell and ways in which they can be widened, discussing possible common mutual collaboration and creating a common networking forum are some of the agendas of the conference,” Vesvikar said.

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More government servants enrol for special IIM-A programme

A retired soldier, a doctor and an IAS officer are among 39 participants who have enrolled for a special programme at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, (IIM-A) aimed to enhance skills and broaden perspectives in public policy formulation.

This year, the postgraduate programme in public management and policy (PGP-PMP) at IIM-A has 39 students, of which 20 are government servants, a marked improvement over last year which saw fewer participants from the public sector.

IIM-A professor Sebastian Morris, who heads the programme, said at a media interaction on Friday: “We are looking for (financial) support from all types of organisations. I want more government participation and talks are underway in this regard. Benefits of improving governance helps the society at large including the private enterprise.”

Underlining public management today is restricted to private sector, he said that the Administrative Reforms Commission is discussing how civil services can be opened to the private sector. “Our problem is that the government service is cadre-based recruitment,” he added.

Students of the second batch, starting in April 2008, had a wealth of experiences to share at the interaction. All of them had undergone six to eight weeks courses between August and October on international attachment module in renowned institutions in four different foreign universities, with which the IIM-A has tied up.

The institutions included the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences of the University of Geneva, Lyndon Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University, and the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie Mellon University.

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IIT Delhi announces admissions to M.Tech courses

New Delhi: The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) has announced admissions to its M.Tech in Molecular Engineering and Atmospheric-Oceanic Science & Technology programmes.

Candidates with a valid GATE score (minimum 300 for General/OBC and 200 for SC/ST/PD candidates) are eligible to apply for the courses.

The entrance test for admission to the courses will be conducted on July 15, 2008 at 10 am.

Application forms can be downloaded from the institute’s website from 13th June, 2008.

Completed application forms must be sent along with a demand draft from any nationalized bank (Rs.300 for General/OBC & Rs.150 for SC/ST/PD candidates) drawn in favour of “Registrar, IIT Delhi” payable at Delhi, so as to reach on or before June 27, 2008.

The last date of submission of completed application forms is June 27, 2008.

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Comment for IIT Delhi announces admissions to M.Tech courses
syllabus for mtech iit entrance
i would like to know the syllabus for mtech iit entrance..

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IIT Delhi Alumni Award for Outstanding Contribution to National Development

Alumni Award
Darlie O Koshy, director, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, has been selected to receive the IIT Delhi Alumni Award for Outstanding Contribution to National Development for 2007-2008, The award will be conferred on April 26 at the Seminar Hall, Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi. The award was instituted in 1999 to honour nominated and selected IIT-Delhi alumni. The IIT Delhi Alumni Association at its Annual General Meeting confers the award each year on one or more alumni. It consists of a plaque and a citation.

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IIT snaps Dow ties

Dow Chemicals has withdrawn its sponsorship of a chemical engineering conference at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, after students and teachers urged the institute to sever ties with the company.

Methane leaked from a plant of Union Carbide, now owned by Dow, on a December 1984 night in Bhopal, killing thousands.

The IIT is learnt to have communicated its apprehensions to the company in the wake of a campus signature campaign against Dows entry into the institute.

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Teething troubles persist at IIT-Hyd

A week after its formal launch, IIT-Hyderabad is still grappling with basic issues. The new institute has no permanent faculty, no research laboratory and insufficient accommodation.

Though classes started on August 20, the process to recruit permanent faculty has not started yet. Moreover, filling up of the first batch of faculty positions will be completed in the next three months.
Faculty from IIT-Madras are teaching the 116 students who have joined the new institute. “The faculty travel back and forth, teaching at both IITs so that there will be no faculty shortage at the mentor institute.
Though this is inconvenient there is no other way as the recruitment could not be done before the academic year,” a source said. Some faculty members said that due to the Union government’s insistence that the six new IITs should start from 2008, many things including recruitment of faculty and setting up of permanent campus could not be done.

The notification for vacant faculty posts is likely to be issued in a week’s time. The first group is likely to take charge by October end.

Even lodging facilities on the campus are not sufficient; many faculty are staying in private accommodation near the campus. Besides, the student hostels for the second year students are yet to be identified and the maintenance work has to start before December 2008. The campus is not ready for academic activities also with research laboratories to be set up soon. For a research laboratory or industrial infrastructure complex, IIT-Hyderabad authorities have requested the state government to allot another building as there is no suitable building in the Ordnance Factory.

When contacted, coordinator for IIT-Hyderabad and co-chair of IITMadras , C V R Murthy, said work is going on as per the schedule. “Every IIT has begun on a temporary campus with shortcomings. Many things are in process with applications being forwarded to the central government and defence ministry. It is only a matter of time before the IIT becomes a fullfledged institute,” Murthy said.

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IIT-Kharagpur top technology college in India: survey

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, in West Bengal is the top technology and engineering college of the country, edging out IIT-Madras which held the position last year, a survey said on Tuesday.

According to the survey by Data Quest, a technology magazine in India, and International Data Corporation (IDC), a US-headquartered research firm, the seven IITs have bagged the top seven positions. IIT-Kharagpur climbed two places to the first slot.

The National Institute of Technology (NIT), Warangal, has stormed into the top 10 list for the first time.

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IIT Kharagpur in 2006 announced the Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award.

IIT-K extends deadline
IIT Kharagpur in 2006 announced the Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award. Open to all technologists who are Indian citizens (resident or non-resident), the award was announced at the IIT Foundation Day on August 18, 2006. Nominations for entries to the award will now remain open till May 31 2007.

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Country’s seventh IIM starts from Friday

The first academic session of the country’s seventh IIM, the Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management (RGIIM) in Shillong, will begin on Friday.

Meghalaya Chief Minister Donkupar Roy will inaugurate the first batch of Post Graduate Diploma in Management in the presence of Chairman, Board of Governors, RGIIM, Prof RN Dutta, Chairman Headstrong Inc USA and founder member of HCL Arjun Malhotra and Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister TK Nair, the institute’s Director Prof Ashoke K Dutta said.

Dutta said the institute would commence its first academic session in the Mayurbhanj Complex in Nongthymmai, which previously housed the North Eastern Hill University. Work will soon commence on a 120-acre site for the permanent campus.

The Institute offers the Post-Graduate Programme in Managment [PGP], which is a two-year full time residential programme for graduate students from all disciplines wanting to choose a career in management.

The Institute envisages for its flagship programme, namely, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM), an annual student intake capacity of 60 in the first year. This is planned to be increased to 120 in the third year and 180 in the sixth year.

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IIT boffins create supersticky reusable adhesive

Conventional tape cracks when it is pulled off a surface. The cracks enable removal, but usually also render the tape useless for reapplication.

The toe pads of tree frogs and crickets, on the other hand, contain microscopic channel patterns that prevent cracking.

Lead study author Abhijit Majumder and his colleagues have now embedded the same type of microchannels in the new adhesive, which thwarts cracks.

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