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Motorola Online Education Project For India

Motorola Inc. announced a new project on Thursday an online education project in India that will link children in remote areas with teachers in other schools.

Using the company`s Canopy wireless broadband technology, Motorola will connect teachers and students by providing real-time video and audio feeds to a cluster of recipient schools from a classroom in a nodal school, the company said in a statement Thursday.

An always-on, high-speed broadband technology, Canopy is positioned by Motorola as a technology that is suited for providing IP (Internet Protocol) connectivity and providing services such as data, voice and video to locations where existing broadband infrastructure is not available or affordable.

For the online education project in India, the Schaumburg, Illinois, company will provide the broadband wireless link as well as the computers and software required for connecting the nodal and recipient schools. The curriculum and content will be provided by the nodal school, and made compatible with the Internet through a nongovernmental organization (NGO) partner.

Motorola did not indicate how many schools it plans to cover under the program.

We have started the first pilot yesterday in Delhi, and we are planning three more pilots over the next one year, said Amit Chaudhery, a spokesman for Motorola India in Delhi. This is a long haul project, and we don`t know as yet where it will take us, he said.

Motorola is partnering with Indian NGO Ritinjali for the first pilot in Delhi. Ritinjali has worked with marginalised communities in areas in and around Delhi, as well as in Gujarat, Uttranchal, Tripura and Meghalaya states of the country.

Motorola`s chairman and chief executive officer, Edward Zander, who is on a visit to India, demonstrated the technology to India`s President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, at his official residence, Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi.

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FDDI gives on-site training to Tata International workers

NOIDA-based Footwear Design & Development Institute conducted a training programme at Tata International, Dewas. Forty workers participated in the programme delivered by FDDI experts on cutting and closing. A series of specialised tri-lingual manuals in Hindi, English and Tamil called Swayam Siddha Manuals (the art of self learning), which cover the entire aspects of shoe making, were issued.

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India Fest 2007 at the annual fundraiser for Gainesville’s India Cultural & Education Center

Traditional attire and much more will transform Santa Fe Community College’s gymnasium Saturday into India Fest 2007, the annual fundraiser for Gainesville’s India Cultural & Education Center.

Visitors will see the many sides of India and learn about its cultural heritage, said Shaheda Qaiyumi, ICEC President.

“The north is nothing like the south and the east is nothing like the west,” she said. “There are so many different foods and clothing.”

Groups will perform in traditional costumes, but many other people will come wearing cultural attire, said Manisha Ranade, ICEC cultural chair.

“Even folks that don’t normally wear the clothing (dress up),” she said. “The clothes are very colorful and India Fest is a good location to wear them.”

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Education has more value than money

Monday, April 04, 2005

Heres a score from the Final Four, and it might be the biggest upset of March Madness.

Love wins over gold.

Being here, North Carolina forward Marvin Williams said, is priceless.

This tournament is not all about the money. Although it often seems that way.

Want to talk about the madness?

Over the life of its current television deal, the NCAA will rake in $6 billion. So cherished is a trip to the Final Four, Louisville pays coach Rick Pitino an outrageous annual salary of $2 million. Outside a dome containing more than 45,000 seats for hoops, scalpers demanded in excess of $500 Saturday for one ticket to the semifinal games.

Isnt life rich? But none of those entrepreneurs owns anything nearly as valuable as what Illinois guard Luther Head earned the hard way.

Redemption, salvation and an education on how to walk like a man.
Head scored 20 points, leading the top-ranked Illini to a 72-57 victory against Louisville. The senior would not have been on the floor at all, however, had he not scored a second chance from coach Bruce Weber.

What is education? Its helping kids change, adjust, grow, Weber said.

A year ago, after twice being suspended for embarrassing incidents ranging from multiple traffic tickets to accusations of participating in a late-night burglary, Head approached Weber and offered to quit the team.

What do you want me to do? Head asked.

Change, Weber replied.

Imagine that. Maybe there really are more important things to be learned from college hoops than the final score.

Head now has a shot at both a national title and a diploma.
Hes changed, hes grown up, Weber said.

College is all about finding the space to mature before life gets complicated by the grind of 9 oclock to 5 p.m., with decisions dictated by earning a paycheck.

Which is precisely why basketball would be smart to mandate all players be at least 20 years old before turning pro.

NBA commissioner David Stern is pushing for a new minimum age requirement. His league and the NCAA would both be in a better place by adopting a rule that would keep teenage phenoms in school, rather than chaining young basketball heroes in diamond bling and oversized expectations.

For every LeBron James, theres going to be five or six situations where players dont develop, and I think personally 90 percent of the young guys who come out are costing themselves $30-$40 million in the long run. They sit on I.R. (injured reserve), they dont play, they dont improve, said Louisville coach Rick Pitino, who once mistakenly believed his dream job was with the Boston Celtics, only to discover it isnt easy being green.

Does basketball have the guts to put education ahead of money?
Billy Hunter, union leader for the NBA players, has squeezed my elbow until it ached, sternly lecturing that Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant did not need college to become all-stars.

Jim Haney, spokesman for concerned college coaches, insists a minimum age requirement will only encourage starry-eyed parents to force kids capable of dunking in middle school to repeat the eighth grade, rationalizing it could mean a big NBA payoff down the line.

I think the NBA is getting killed by the youth, even though the young players are great, Pitino said.

No disrespect, but the best basketball lessons are not taught by a coach stomping his Italian loafer on the court. The college game of today misses the education players can only gain from being schooled by the jaw-dropping talent James took directly to the NBA.

Williams, who would have been drafted in the first round straight out of high school, is richer for enrolling last summer at North Carolina.

This is as good as it gets, said Williams, an 18-year-old with a chance to play for the national title, thanks to the Tar Heels 87-71 victory against Michigan State. I never wanted to experience just money. I wanted to play basketball because I love it. Not for a job. Not yet.

Rather than padding its bankroll, maybe basketball in this country needs to worry about growing the game, especially after getting a bitter dose of humility at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

Pitino walked away from the NBA. Guess what. Hes happier now.

Pat Riley said it best. The NBAs about winning and misery, Pitino said. Thats the great thing with college basketball. There are so many rewards outside the actual win.

And heres your proof.

After losing to Illinois, Pitino sought out Cardinals star Francisco Garcia, to console him after the player struggled with atrocious shooting on the worst possible night. In a locker room heavy with regret, Louisvilles coach declared any player who was disappointed with going to the Final Four does not know the score.
The lessons do not end at the final buzzer.

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GSCHM, Ooty, has launched a three-year Bachelors degree in International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management

Twinning Programme
The Good Shepherd College of Hotel Management (GSCHM), Ooty, has launched a three-year Bachelors degree in International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management, as a twinning programme in collaboration with the Cesar Ritz College (CRC), Switzerland, wherein the students undertake the final year at CRC. According to Tanja. Kisseleff, dean, CRC, The course is designed to teach the intricacies of business and inclulcate a management perspective of the global hospitality sector, as mandated by the leading restaurants, hotels and resorts internationally.

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GMAT-the MBA Opportunity

If you have always dreamt of an International MBA degree which will put your career on the fast track then… on.

The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is the first step towards your quest for a top MBA degree. MBA schools across the world i.e US, Canada, U.K, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Europe and even India are now accepting GMAT scores as the most accurate indicator of your academic potential. Whereas top US schools always looked at GMAT very closely, even the top Asian schools such as NUS, Singapore, Asian Institute of Management (Manila) and ISB, Hyderabad require a high score on the GMAT apart from a strong application. An MBA degree from a top school does not only necessarily mean good employment prospects in the country where you graduated but is also your passport to enhanced career prospects across the world.
GMAT is a multiple choice questions test and has a duration of 3.5 hours. The three sections of the exam -verbal, quantitative and analytical writing assess the applicants on logic, reasoning, reading comprehension, writing and mathematical skills. The test is scored out of 800 and is administered across the World, including New Delhi, all year round. The GMAT score is valid for 5 years hence you could even take it in your 2nd or 3rd year of college while the academic pressure is not very high.

Universities across the world encourage students from different cultures and nationalities as this results in superior batch quality as well as cosmopolitan culture on the campus. This translates into welcome treatment for applications from Indian students. By the way, if you have not considered this option because you thought education abroad was only for the rich and affluent, then here are some facts to blow the myth: Most Indian students abroad are from middle class families. Almost all banks offer educational loans at competitive interest rates and require minimum paperwork. Hundreds of scholarships are available in universities abroad for meritorious students.

Now, what lies between you and your dream is a good GMAT score and expert guidance. And that is precisely where Jamboree comes in. Keep reading this column to know why we are the No. 1 in India when it comes to education abroad. We will telkes you what it takes to max the GMAT.

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Ethnic harmony exists at Mahatma Gandhi School in Jakarta

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cultural differences enrich the Indian and Chinese students at the Mahatma Gandhi School in Central Jakarta.
The Mahatma Gandhi School is one of four schools run by the Gandhi Seva Loka Foundation, which promotes quality education. The others are the Gandhi Memorial International School, also in Kemayoran; the Gandhi National School in Ancol, North Jakarta; and the Gandhi Institute of Business and Technology in Pasar Baru.
At the beginning, Indians dominated the school, which was established in 1950 by the Sindhi community, who fled Pakistan after the 1947 partitioning of India. However, as the school`s reputation grew through the years, the demographics shifted to its present balance, where two ethnic groups, the Indians and Chinese, are equally represented in the more than 1,200 students studying from kindergarten to high school.
Sudiana said during his 15 years at the school he had never witnessed the slightest hint of racial disharmony.

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CL has introduced a preparatory programme for IELTS in Delhi

IELTS coaching from CL
Career Launcher (CL) has introduced a preparatory programme for International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in Delhi. The programme will cover 21 hour-long sessions. The subscription will include practice tests, bonus study tools, learning aids, flash movies with audios and Collins English

Talking Dictionary, the electronic version of the Collins English dictionary, with over 68,000 references.

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IIM-B To Open Campus In Singapore

Saturday, March 05, 2005

In another boost to the image of the academic institutions in Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore (IIM-B) has decided to open a campus outside India. This is a first for any of the IIMs.

The IIM-B`s foray into Singapore makes it only the third business school in the Wall Street Journal`s top 100 to set up an offshore campus, the other two being INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and the Graduate School of Business, Chicago.

The IIM-B will set up a research and management education centre in Singapore. It will offer a range of innovative programmes, including part-time MBA programmes for middle-level executives, executive MBA programmes for senior-level executives, short-duration education programmes for managers and customised executive education programmes for companies.

By setting up this offshore campus, IIM-B officials said they hope to bring unmatched management education within the reach of business executives in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia.

The admission procedure, course content, and evaluation of the courses will be on the same level and as rigorous as at IIM-B, the officials added.
The MBA programme offered by IIM-B will cost between Singapore $25,000 and $40,000 (Rs. 6.75 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs). INSEAD charges Singapore $98,000 (Rs. 25 lakhs) for its full-time MBA programme and $192,000 (Rs. 51.80 lakhs) for its executive MBA programme. An executive MBA at the Chicago Graduate School of Business costs Singapore $ 137,000 (Rs. 37 lakhs).

The Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and the Government of India have been in discussion with the Singapore Government for a year to set up an IIT campus there. Currently, IIT-Madras is collaborating on research projects with a few academic institutions in Singapore.

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Hardly Sinking In

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Parents who rely on schools to deter their teenagers from smoking might want to reconsider their approach. New research shows that school-based prevention programs have little long-term effect on smoking rates, suggesting that public health agencies should rethink their anti-smoking spending.

“When you have limited dollars to spend on tobacco prevention, you really need to use those dollars effectively,” says Sarah Wiehe, a paediatrician and public health expert at the Indiana University School of Medicine. She led the research, published in the March issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health.

Wiehe says the money would be better spent on media campaigns and cigarette tax initiatives, which may prove more successful in the long run.

California, which has the longest-running tobacco control program of any state, spent 30% — $406 million — of its tobacco program budget on school-based prevention programs from 1989 to 2003, according to an accompanying editorial.

Researchers found that only one of the eight school-based smoking education programs studied showed a significant long-term reduction in smoking rates by the time the teens turned 18.

The one successful program — called Life Skills Training — uses interactive activities, such as role-playing, which may better engage teens. However, Wiehe cautions that the lack of long-term data collected on most programs makes it difficult to determine the key to success.

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Leading home appliance brand, Electrolux, has annual ‘Design Lab’ competition for 2007

Design Lab
Leading home appliance brand, Electrolux, has announced its annual ‘Design Lab’ competition for 2007. The worldwide contest will see design students develop solutions that meet the needs of ‘tomorrow’s consumers’ in accordance with international standards in future appliance design. The winners will be awarded a prize worth 5,00 Euros and a six-month internship at one of Electrolux’s global design centres.

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Goldman Sachs Foundation along with the IIE recently announced that a group of GSGLP in India

Goldman Sachs Foundation along with the IIE recently announced that a group of GSGLP in India

The Goldman Sachs Foundation along with the Institute of International Education (IIE) recently announced that a group of 29 second-year students expansion of the Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Programme (GSGLP) in India. Each winner receives a $3,000 grant for educational expenses. In addition 15 winners from Indian universities will also be from leading Indian colleges have been named as the 2007 Goldman Sachs Global Leaders. This years students reflect a recent selected to participate in the annual Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Institute to be held in New York City from July 7-13, 2007.

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Colleges May Buff Up Aging Brains

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Years of education play a part in protecting the elderly against memory loss, a study suggests.

Schoolwork may strengthen the brain against some ill effects of aging, a new study on education and memory loss suggests.

In research made, a team at the University of Toronto`s Rotman Research Institute used brain imaging to show that higher education may protect older people from faltering mental powers by building up alternate neural networks absent in less-educated people.

Elderly volunteers who had a higher education not only performed better on a series of memory tests than their less-educated peers but also used different parts of their brains, the study showed.

More years of education were associated with more active frontal lobes, areas known to be involved in problem solving, memory and judgment, the scientists reported.

Those who treat memory loss and other maladies of the elderly have long been intrigued by evidence that an active mind might “vaccinate” the brain against Alzheimer`s disease and other chronic neural disorders that may appear over time.

Learning, they suspected, might be an effective preventive medicine.

Researchers know that animal brains readily respond to stimulating, enriched surroundings by developing more intricate connections between brain cells. Until now, however, no one knew what brain mechanisms might be involved in the aging human brain.

“The frontal lobes seem to be playing an important role in this protective effect that education seems to have,” said Cheryl L. Grady, the senior scientist involved in the research project.

“It may be the more education you have, the more practice you have had using different brain strategies,” she said. “Education builds up intellectual capacity and that may come into play.”

She cautioned that other factors such as health, exercise and diet could also be responsible for the difference in mental ability.

A full report of the research appeared in the current issue of Neuropsychology, a bimonthly journal published by the American Psychological Assn.

To investigate the relationship between education and brain activity among the elderly, the researchers conducted memory tests using a functional magnetic resonance imaging scanner, which records the changes in blood flow associated with mental activity.

They tested 14 people between 18 and 30 years old who had between 11 and 20 years of formal schooling and 19 people over 65 who had between eight and 21 years of education. The scientists correlated brain activity to each volunteer`s age and education level.

The better-schooled volunteers were able to work around the memory problems common among the aged by drawing on mental reserves.

“We found that the older adults who were more educated tend to recruit these frontal areas of the brain,” said lead researcher Mellanie Springer at the Rotman Institute.

The elderly who had been less educated did not have such extra neural capability, nor did the younger educated volunteers, Springer said. These young brains had not yet developed the need to draw on such neural reserves.

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India, Thailand Ink MoU On Education

India and Thailand today signed an agreement to enhance cooperation in the field of education and research, as Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh held talks with his visiting Thai counterpart Mr Thaksin Shinawatra. Human resources development minister Mr Arjun Singh and Thai foreign minister Mr Kantathi Suphamongkon signed the MoU on collaboration in the education field.

The areas of cooperation would cover organisation of joint research programmes and publications, exchange of research materials, teaching aids and academics, examining possibility of mutual recognition of educational qualifications and setting up of chairs on contemporary studies. The MoU also provides for setting up a joint working group to oversee the arrangement and would meet alternately in India and Thailand at least once biennially.

Earlier, Mr Shinawatra arrived on a day-long visit. Besides Dr Singh, he met Mr Arjun Singh and Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

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Amity International, Saket, has Junior world karate championship

Junior world karate championship
Dhruv Grover, a Class XII student of Amity International, Saket, has been selected to represent India at 5th Cadet and Junior World Karate Championship to be held in Islanbul, Turkey This is the first time that India hat qualified for this prestigious tournament.

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Wright Brothers Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Research and Management is Inviting Applications for Degree and Diploma Courses

Wright Brothers Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Research and Management is inviting applications for degree and diploma courses in aeronautical engineering, electronics and telecommunication engineering, computer science and engineering and information technology. The candidates should have cleared class XII with PCM for four-year degree courses and class XI for three-year diploma/ six-year degree course. The application forms can be obtained from the institute by sending a DD of Rs 250. The last date for submission is July 30.

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High School Reform Discussed By Education Leaders

Tougher graduation standards, more testing and smaller schools could all become part of high school students` futures in Michigan.

Educators dove into reform possibilities Thursday at a special state Board of Education meeting, the first of many that could help shape potential changes to the state`s high schools. The goal is for more Michigan students to be ready for college and career training when they leave the state`s K-12 system.

About 24.4 percent of Michigan`s population aged 25 and older has at least a bachelor`s degree, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That ranks Michigan 36th among the states, below the national average of 27.6 percent. Gov. Jennifer Granholm has said the state must double its number of college graduates in the next 10 years to remain economically competitive.

The world has changed, board President Kathleen Straus said at the start of Thursday`s meeting. The type of jobs has changed, so education has to change. That`s understood.

Several states are undertaking similar reviews of their high school systems as the United States faces an increasingly global world where well-trained workers in other countries are threatening to take away U.S. jobs.

Michigan is one of 10 states to receive a National Governors Association grant to support the reforms. The state could get up to $1.8 million over a two-year period from the grant, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Michigan already is moving toward a shake-up of its high school system. The education department has hired a high school redesign consultant who will work with six different teams addressing areas of potential reform ranging from student testing to teacher development.

The state plans to replace the current Michigan Educational Assessment Program test in the 2006-07 school year with one more geared to college entrance requirements. The current test primarily is taken by high school juniors but is not used by colleges or universities in their admission decisions.

The department also is reviewing the possibility of a test for 10th graders to gauge their readiness for college. Assessment tests to be given at the end of selected courses also are being considered.

Michigan has relied on local school districts to set their own high school graduation standards, but the state could push for more control beyond its current lone civics class requirement. Some states set more exact graduation standards for math, science and language.

The size and type of high schools also will be a major topic as educators discuss reforms. Research has shown that smaller high schools help prevent students from falling through the cracks and allow more varied themes such as specialty schools for vocational training and arts.

Reforms also could address fundamental changes in high school schedules and use of technology to be more in tune with how todays student learns.

Much of this involves changing what we`ve been used to our whole lives, state superintendent Mike Flanagan said.

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Sweden tops interna¬tional education league tables and are looking to learn from it

Swedens knowledge school

According to The Guardian, politicians in England are wondering why Sweden tops international education league tables and are looking to learn from it. Students at Kunskapsskolan Nacka, a school in a suburb of Stockholm, have mobile phones on the table and iPods plugged into their ears – no timetable, no set lessons and little sense of a traditional classroom. But beneath the apparent chaos is a highly structured plan.

At the Kunskapsskolan, or knowledge school, each child has a weekly target in every subject, failing which makes him/her answerable to their personal tutor at their weekly meeting. The child will also have to answer to his/her parents, who can follow their progress online. Students at the school have predetermined targets, but complete freedom in deciding how to get there. Its more like a university than a school.

Anders Hultins, co-founder of the chain of 30 Kunskapsskolan schools, said: We are popular in Sweden as an alternative to the teacher-led factory model of education. When you see a normal school you will find classrooms ofequal sizes and a bell ringing; there is factory thinking behind that. What students do in Kunskapsskolan isdecide for themselves, for their own needs rather than for collective needs. There are no bells in our schools or aschedule that you repeat every week. Kunskapsskolan is the largest chain of independent or free schools in Sweden, which make up 10% of schools. They are state-funded, but not state-controlled, /and free for students.

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UQIRA is funded by the University of Queensland and covers tuition fees and health cover

UQ International Research Awards
The UQ International Research Awards (UQIRA) is funded by the University of Queensland and covers tuition fees and health cover for international students, including health cover for spouse and dependents, for an initial period of three years for PhD and two years for M Phil study. Approximately 20 scholarships are available. These scholarships are awarded during the Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) round. All applicants considered for the IPRS, will be automatically considered for a UQ International Research Award.

Requirements: To be eligible to be considered, you must have received an unconditional offer of a place in the UQ research higher degree programme by October 22, 2007. For that to occur, UQ international admissions section must receive all necessary English proficiency test results, certified transcripts and awards from your previous studies by October 5,2007.

To apply: Simply complete the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) application form. Applications must be submitted to the school/institute/center, The IPRS application provides your proposed enrolling unit (school/institute/centre) with detailed and accurate information about your research background and experience, demonstrated research performance and research publications. Furthermore, the enrolling unit will use this information to make an assessment of your potential to carry out quality research in your research higher degree programme and to make a recommendation to the IPRS selection committee.

Submission: Applications must be received by September 19, 2007 for consideration for a Scholarship in the following year.

London Bombings Not To Restrict Student Visas

The terror attacks on London will not lead to a restricted visa regime for legitimate Indian students going for studies to Britain.

British Deputy High Commissioner in Kolkata Andrew Hall told here: Back home we held discussions to tighten the system for those without proper credentials but it would not lead to denial of visa to the legitimate students from India.

About 16,000 Indian students go to the UK every year compared to about 4,000 five years ago. We attract about as many students as the US now as a few years back we recognised that we were losing ground and then took a number of measures to open up the system, said Hall.

Now as incentive, a student can work full-time in the UK during vacation. There are so many scholarship programmes now for students. The British institutions are also much productive now in coming to India and selling their wares, Hall said.

British management school TASMAC (Training and Advanced Studies in Management and Communications Ltd.) opened its campus here Wednesday at Salt Lake. It was inaugurated by Hall.

Hall harped on British education in India like the one provided by TASMAC whose management degree is validated by the University of Wales.

The UK and India are natural partners in education. The TASMAC initiative is an example of that relationship, said Hall.

TASMAC is offering students a validation of the course by the University of Wales, the second largest and one of the four federal universities of Britain – the others being Oxford, Cambridge and London.

TASMAC is validated by the University of Wales to offer MBA programmes in Kolkata besides BA Hons in business administration.

The degree certificate that a student receives after studying in TASMAC, India, is the same as that received by students studying within the University of Wales, UK, said TASMAC India managing director Giri Dua.

The course content is tailored for Indian needs and has been put together jointly by the University of Wales and TASMAC, Dua said.

TASMAC began its India chapter in Mumbai in 1990 followed by Pune and Bangalore. The one-year MBA course would be offered at 3,000 pounds. For the BA course, the cost for three years is 4,950 pounds.

The price at which you attain the degrees is one-sixth of what it costs a student who travels to the UK to take admission, Dua said.

Our faculty would include visiting lecturers from the UK and the classes would be intensely interactive, he said.

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