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Big Disparities in education, wealth among South Asians in US

A study of South Asians in the US has revealed huge disparities in their education, employment and wealth. South Asians in the US have the highest percentage of people with advanced degrees compared to the general population, but they also have a higher percentage of people with less than a fifth grade education, the study found.

The report, Making data count, prepared by the Chicago-based South Asian American Policy and Research Institute (SAAPRI), compares the status of major South Asian groups with other Asian Americans and the US population, as revealed by the 2000 census.

Though the South Asian median household income at $50,723 is higher than the national median income of $41,994, they have high poverty levels among families, the elderly and children. South Asian women are more disadvantaged, with lower education, income and employment rates than men.

Among other findings of the report:

(i) The Asian American population has tripled in size over the last two decades, from 3.4 million in 1980 to 10.2 million in 2000. Among the major Asian American sub-groups, Indians recorded the highest growth rate of 106 percent between 1990 and 2000.

(ii) The South Asian American population is young and with a median age of 31 years, and, like most new immigrant populations in the US, has more males (53 percent) than females (47 percent). The ratio of males to females and the percentage of youths under 18 are higher among Pakistanis and Bangladeshis than among Indians and Sri Lankans.

(iii) An overwhelming majority of South Asians speak a language other than English at home. Nearly one quarter, or 416,530 speak English less than very well.

(iv) Between one-third and two-thirds of South Asians are in the management, professional and related categories, with Indians and Sri Lankans (60 percent and 57 percent respectively) having a significantly higher percentage than Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

(v) Within the South Asian population, Indians and Sri Lankans have higher incomes than the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. Both male and female median earnings are particularly low for Bangladeshis at $30,901 for men and $19,308 for women.

(vi) Nearly one in four Bangladeshi (25 percent) and one in five Pakistani (20 percent) children live below the poverty line compared to less than one in six for the general population.

The increasing numbers in the South Asian community should translate into a greater presence in the political mainstream and in efforts to reform immigration laws and fight hate crimes and discrimination, Kalayil said.

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USEFI and the HE are organising a US University Fair

American Fair
The United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI) and the Institute of International Education (IIE) are organising a US University Fair on October 4, 2007, from 1:30-6:30 pm at the Fulbright House. The event will include information sessions with representatives of 23 US universities.

Saveetha University, Chennai signed a MoU with Bio-Scaffold International Pvt Ltd

Saveetha University signs MoU
Saveetha University, Chennai signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bio-Scaffold International Pvt Ltd, a biotechnology company based in Singapore, to collaborate on developing new applications through clinical trials in dental and maxillofacial surgery using the latters patented process technology The MoU was signed by Dr R. Raja gopal, Vice Chancellor, Saveetha University and Victor Lee, CEO of Bioscaffold International, Singapore. In addition to generating trained manpower, by such collaborations for clinical trials, India will be able to boost ties with Singapore in biotechnology and biomedical sciences, said Dr Veeraiyan, Chancellor of Saveetha University

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ICSI and SIU have signed an MoU to bring together management and legal skills under one roof

ICSI, SIU sign MoU
The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and Symbiosis International University (SIU) have signed an memorandum of understanding (MoU) to bring together management and legal skills under one roof. The aggreement was signed at ICSI – Centre for Corporate Research and Training (CCRT) at Navi Mumbai recently. ICSI-CCRT at Navi Mumbai will offer finance specialisation to the Semester III batch of students. This would be a week-long residential programme on legal environment, mergers and amalgamations, corporate restructuring and IPO. The students of SIBM will also visit the stock exchange and depository to experience live trading.

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Computer Science: A Bad Deal For US Students

Friday, February 04, 2005

Students in the United States are nowadays thinking twice before applying for Computer Science majors as their job prospects are bleak due to outsourcing of IT jobs to countries like India and China, an IT professionals association has said.

The scarcity of entry level jobs and low salaries have discouraged many and there seems to be no immediate end to the decline of students pursuing degrees in Computer Sciences, the IT Professionals Association of America inc, a non-profit corporation, says.

Scott Kirwin, founder of the group, says that shortage concerns voiced by industry leaders such as Microsoft, HP, and IBM are overblown.

“People vote with their feet,” says Kirwin. “Salaries continue to decline in IT, and entry-level positions for new graduates are hard to come by since most of these have been off shored to India and China.

“Given that the average college student graduates with USD 50,000 in debt, it makes sense that he or she would avoid fields such as IT that are disappearing, and go into those that provide the income necessary to pay back that debt.”

Blaming supporters of outsourcing and labour dumping, he said “Pro-off shoring and pro-labour dumping industry sponsored groups like the IT Association of America (ITAA) and Compete America want talent, but they don`t want to pay for it – so they head abroad to find that talent on the cheap. The free market goes both ways.”

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USEFI, in association with the IIE, Hong Kong, is going to organize a US University Fair

US University Fair on October 4
Like every year, United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI), in association with the Institute of International Education, Hong Kong, is going to organize a US University Fair. The fair is slated on October 4,2007 from 1.30 to 6.30 p.m. at Fulbright House, Hailey Road, New Delhi. Entry to the fair is free. Representatives from 22 American universities are expected to participate in the event.

IMT, opened its first overseas campus in Dubai, has invited applications for its second batch

IMT, Dubai invites applications
The Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad that opened its first overseas campus in Dubai in 2006, has invited applications for its second batch that is to begin in September this year.

Candidates who have taken GMAT or CAT in 2006 or 2005 are eligible to apply. For details, the candidates may log on to IMT Dubai IMT Dubai is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Government of U.A.E., to offer management education.

The MBA Programme at IMT Dubai follows the semester system and is structured so that a full time student may finish the course within two years. The MBA Programme has core courses as well as electives in four specialisation areas of Marketing and Retail Management, International Banking and Finance, Project management and Human Resource Management. At the end of the first year all students have to take an internship assignment with a company based in UAE or abroad. In addition, the Programme also offers two major opportunities for the students to gain hands on experience and strengthen their skills through the internship and project work. Some of the companies that offered internships to the first batch included ABN AMRO, Dubai, Aircom International, Dubai, among others.

Kansas lawmakers say money for education will be hard to find

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Finding money for education will be easier said than done. With ever-tightening budgets and rising costs, lawmakers will be strapped to find extra cash for education. The question remains where will they get it?

The court did not give a specific amount of money it recommends should go to Kansas schools, that`s part of the challenge for lawmakers. There are a number of different options, many that you have probably heard before. Lawmakers could require smaller school districts to merge – cutting administrative costs. Raising taxes is another option. It`s one lawmakers say they`ll consider carefully.

“We’ll have to take off our political hats and try to come up with something that`s good for education but palatable for taxpayers also,” said Education Chairperson Senator Jean Schodorf. “And that`s the two-edged sword.”

This all comes at a time when there is a big anti-tax push in Topeka. Schodorf says the good news is the economy is getting better and revenue projections are up.

Most Kansans don’t want a tax increase, even for schools. We polled 500 Kansans and asked about where the money should come from. Our Exclusive Eyewitness News Scientific Survey shows only 25% support raising taxes while 68% say the state should cut money from other state-funded services.

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Musharraf Expels Foreign Students In Madrasas

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf on Friday announced that 1,400-odd foreign students at the religious educational institutions (madrasas) in the country have been told to pack up and leave and insisted that unlike 2002, he was ready to rock the boat in his battle with extremists and fundamentalists.

In an interaction with foreign correspondents on the challenges faced by Pakistan in tackling fundamentalism, Gen. Musharraf was at pains to emphasise that unlike 2002, today he was in total command of the situation in the country and the world has to take his latest crackdown on militancy seriously.

In his hour-long introductory remarks prior to the interaction, Gen. Musharraf said when he learnt that a record number of foreign correspondents were roaming in the streets of Islamabad to understand the phenomenon of extremism in the country, he decided to meet them in a bid to explain them the efforts by his Government to take on the fundamentalist forces.

Take crackdown seriously

In response to specific questions on the difference between the crackdown he had ordered in 2002 and now, Gen. Musharraf said the world and media should not judge the performance of his Government through the eyes of the past. Today, it is a totally different environment, he quipped.

Elaborating on the point, Gen. Musharraf said three years ago, the economic situation of Pakistan was not stable. Besides, he did not enjoy the confidence of the world as a military ruler and his country was engaged in a 10-month military standoff with India.

If I had operated strongly (against fundamentalists) the boat would have capsized. When a western journalist asked why he was not serious in his earlier attempt to curb militancy, Gen. Musharraf retorted, You have to be realistic and take cognisance of the ground situation. By taking stringent action against fundamentalists, I would have risked the prospect of a million Talibans on the streets of Pakistan.


Gen. Musharraf ticked off another journalist who wanted to know why he was not in favour of strengthening democratic institutions and democracy. I think you are referring to my uniform. That is the only issue. But two-thirds majority in Parliament has sanctioned it. If this is not democracy what else is it? You want me to dissolve the National and Provincial Assemblies. Is this your definition of democracy? Please understand that Pakistan has a certain environment and we have democracy.

He said, in the next few days, he would promulgate an ordinance to regulate the functioning of religious schools and it would be mandatory for them to register with the Government by December 31. At the same time I urge you to be realistic. If 5,000-odd seminaries refuse to register, I am not going to close them down. We would like to adopt a strategy of persuasion.

He said the Al-Qaeda has become an international phenomenon and urged the world to join hands in addressing the state of mind called Al-Qaeda phenomenon through just resolution of the underlying causes of terror political disputes.

Asserting there was no network of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan, he said the Al-Qaeda phenomenon meant an individual who has followers, carries out terrorist action in London or elsewhere and claims that he is a member of the Al-Qaeda or is a branch of the Al-Qaeda.

The world must understand that this Al-Qaeda has become a phenomenon it has no command structure originating from Pakistan and conveying messages to the whole world to do this act and do that act under total coordination of some commander. It is a phenomenon where everyone has started calling himself Al-Qaeda, whether he has done it in London or Sharm-el-Shek, he argued.

Gen. Musharraf said military action alone would not lead to ultimate success in the fight against terror as they only gain time for other instruments to be used to change this phenomenon.

The other instrument is resolution of political disputes. I have been calling for this during the last few years resolve political disputes because that leads a person to extreme acts because he is feeling deprived and hopeless.

The root cause

Addressing extremism in the long-term also involved the issues of poverty and education. It may be a long-term strategy but what I am saying is to kill this phenomenon, which is a state of mind we act with the military to gain time by hitting and curbing terrorists and Pakistan will remain in the lead role. But to attack the phenomenon in the mind, the whole world has to act to resolve political disputes and social issues. The sooner it is understood, the better for the entire world.

He claimed that as a result of Pakistan`s sustained and effective campaign against terrorism, the Al-Qaeda is unable to operate from the country.

He brushed aside suggestions that the Al-Qaeda has its headquarters in Pakistan.

This is absolutely and totally baseless, he asserted and said that in reality, Pakistan had dismantled the organisation`s ability to exist and operate as a homogeneous body. If Al-Qaeda cannot act here, how come they are carrying out terrorism in the world, he asked.

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UK launches new immigration scheme

A new points-based system to enable the UK to control immigration more effectively, tackle abuse and identify talented workers was recently launched by Charles Clarke, British home minister. The points-based system is a part of the governments strategy for asylum and immigration to ensure that only those who benefit Britain can come here to work or study; to strengthen the UKs borders and to crack down on abuse and illegal immigration.

Addressing students in India via video conference during the launch of the new initiative, Tony Blair, British Prime Minister, said: The new scheme will go a long way in addressing concerns of bonafide students and professionals and prevent abuse of the system.

The system categorises students and professionals into five different groups:

• highly skilled, like scientists or entrepreneurs
• skilled workers with a job offer, like nurses, teachers, engineers
• low skilled workers filling specific temporary labour shortages, like construction workers for a particular project
• students
• youth mobility and temporary workers, like working holiday-makers or musicians coming to play a concert.
The new scheme is expected to come into force from mid-2007.

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Simpler Procedure For Study Visa To India

India has liberalised procedures for the grant and subsequent extension of visa to foreign students, Minister of State for External Affairs E. Ahamed told the Lok Sabha Wednesday.

All Indian missions abroad have been delegated powers to grant student visa for a period of five years or for the duration of the course of study, whichever is less, to a foreign student coming to India, he said in a written reply.

The facility is open to students for pursuing regular and fulltime academic studies on production of proof of admission in a recognised or reputed institution in India, Ahamed added.

The duration of the provisional visa to a foreign student, who does not possess a firm letter of admission from the university/educational institution, has been enhanced from three months to six months.

All the state governments or union territory administrations have been delegated powers to grant further extension of visa to the foreign students wherever required, Ahamed said

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One Extra Day For Discovery

Discovery will spend an extra day in orbit, NASA said, after two astronauts walked in space and tested repair techniques that could avoid a repeat of the Columbia tragedy. We have the capabilities to extend the mission to one day, Wayne Hale, deputy manager of the Programme said. This will allow the crew to have more work done and transfer more items, to the International Space Station, he said.

The ship will turn on Monday, August 8, at 8:47 am (GMT), instead of Sunday. NASA said. Hale said after examining the videos and photographs of 90% of Discoverys Ceramic tile heat shield, NASA has found no extensive damage as a result of chunks of insulating foam falling away from the orbits external fuel tank on lift-off on Tuesday. Similar damage brought down the Columbia in February, 2003.

Experts still need to look over the leading edges of the wings and the nose, said NASA, which will delay by 24 hours an announcement on Discoverys fitness for re-entry until Monday. The extra day in orbit will allow the crew to get head start on tasks that could be affected by the suspension of those flights: removal of trash and old equipment from the space station.

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Mallard Should Stick To Education, Says Clark

Prime Minister Helen Clark has given Education Minister Trevor Mallard a public rebuke over his comments about National`s foreign policy.

Mr Mallard made a botched attempt last week to link National with American interests provoking a backlash which is perceived as having damaged Labour`s election campaign.

Helen Clark said on TV One`s Breakfast programme today: I think what Trevor has drawn from that is he had better stick to education.

Mr Mallard claimed last week that National`s policies were written in Washington and his remark provoked a statement from the United States Embassy in Wellington saying it had never sought or received any policy commitment from any political party.

Helen Clark added, however, that Mr Mallard was absolutely right to point to the nature of National`s foreign policy, which isn`t written in New Zealand`s interests and doesn`t uphold New Zealand`s values and principles.

She claimed National would send combat troops to Iraq if it had the chance.

The Prime Minister said National leader Don Brash did not need anyone else writing the party`s policies.

She said: National`s foreign policies generally look like they want to sell New Zealand down the river. We can only draw one conclusion — if the phone were to go and Don Brash was asked, `Will you send troops to Iraq,` his answer would be, `Yes, sir`.

National has vehemently denied US backing of its campaign and deputy leader Gerry Brownlee yesterday repeated the denial, saying it was not influenced by any overseas group or person.

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CIE has introduced Explaining the concept at a conference organised by TAISI

TAISI conference
The University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) has introduced thee student centered learning, an initiative to make learning more effective and focused. Explaining the concept at a conference organised by The Association of International Schools of India (TAISI), Keely Laycock, a senior teachers trainer from Cambridge said that student centred learning has learner activity, and responsibility, at its heart.

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Admissions Open for MDIS has announced the intakes for the academic year

Admissions Open
The Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS) has announced the intakes for the academic year 2007-2008 for postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in Mass Communication, International Business and Travel and Tourism respectively.

The undergraduate programme in mass communication is in partnership with Oklahoma City University (OCU), USA, the Masters in International Business is in partnership with Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB), France and the Bachelors in Travel and Tourism Bachelors is in partnership with University of Sunderland, UK.

MDIS is one of the largest private educational institutions in Singapore.

USEFI is organising an information session on Higher Education in the US

Usefi Session
The United States Educational Foundation in India (USEFI) is organising an information session on Higher Education in the US: Prospects for International Students with representatives from Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, on September 25, 2007. The session will start at 2:30 pm at the Fulbright House, 12, Hailey Road, New Delhi.

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CIE holds seminar on student exam performance

Global teacher trainers and chief examiners from Cambridge led teacher training workshops, organised by University of Cambridge International Examinations under its programme CIE Face to Face Courses for Teachers, at an international school in Faridabad. CIE teacher training workshops include a review of teaching strategies as applied to the delivery of the Cambridge syllabus and are designed to contribute to improving student examination performance. The next CIE professional development event is a seminar titled The School Principal as System Leader, to be delivered by the internationally renowned expert on school leadership, Prof. David Hopkins.

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Pakistani Religious Schools Not Promoting Terrorism’

Pakistan Minister for Religious Affairs Ijaz ul Haq Sunday said that madrassas or religious schools in the country were not engaged in sponsoring terrorism or promoting hatred, reports Xinhua.

The madrassas are teaching one million students and spreading a message of peace and all the propaganda against these institutions is baseless, said Haq while addressing a gathering in Lahore, capital of Punjab province.

The minister said the schools have vehemently condemned the July 7 London attacks and other activities related to terrorism and sectarianism, the Associated Press of Pakistan reported.

It is the blessing of the madrassas that a large number of children, mostly belonging to poor families, are getting education and accommodation facilities free of cost. Otherwise, they would be seen begging on the roadside, he added.

The madrassas have been accused of spreading hatred and extremism. Since the London blasts last month, the Pakistan government has launched a nationwide campaign against extremism and asked the schools to register with the government and remove foreign students.

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